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Grants for science education, technology, computer science, information science, engineering, human sciences, social, behavioral and economic sciences.   261 Science Grants.

Grants to Arizona Classroom Teachers for Renewable Energy Education in Grades 4-12

Deadline: Ongoing

Grants of up to $350 to Arizona classroom teachers to participate in a comprehensive renewable energy education program for grades 4-12. Interested participants must register for workshops to be held on October 25 and November 22 to be eligible. Fun... GrantWatch ID#: 147395

Grants to New York State Capital Region Nonprofits to Improve Education & the Quality of Life for Youth

Deadline: 10/14/15

Grants ranging from $1,000 to $30,000 to New York nonprofit organizations that are working to improve education and the lives of local youth in Albany, Schenectady, Saratoga, and Rensselaer Counties. Pre-application materials are due April 29, 2015. GrantWatch ID#: 152104

Grants to USA State, Local, Tribal Agencies, Farmers, & IHEs for Conservation Projects

Deadline: 11/10/15

Grants to USA and territories State, local, and tribal agencies, IHEs, farming cooperatives, and agricultural producers for environmental projects to benefit farmers, ranchers, forestry operations, local economies, and watershed areas. July 8 is the... GrantWatch ID#: 144030

Grants to USA, Canada & International Nonprofits & Businesses for Health Solutions for Diabetes Patients

Deadline: 10/05/15

Grants to USA, Canada and International nonprofits and businesses to support the development of digital health solutions that enable the use of diabetes data to ease the burden for people with Type 1 diabetes, their caregivers and healthcare provide... GrantWatch ID#: 158796

Grants to Westport, Massachusetts Individuals and Nonprofits for Arts and Culture Programs

Deadline: 10/15/15

Grants averaging $200 to $500 to Westport, Massachusetts individuals, nonprofits, public schools, and library and religious groups for operating support, school field trips, afterschool programs, artist residencies, concerts, dance, music, history a... GrantWatch ID#: 159423

Grants to Worcester, Massachusetts Nonprofits, Individuals, Schools & Agencies for Arts & Sciences

Deadline: 10/15/15

Grants and fellowships of up to $5,000 to Worcester, Massachusetts nonprofits, individuals, schools, libraries, and public agencies for arts, humanities, and interpretive sciences projects and artists projects. On August 13 and September 10 grant wr... GrantWatch ID#: 159398

Grants to USA, Canada & International Organizations to Research Parkinson's Disease Treatments

Deadline: 01/20/16
LOI Date: 10/28/15

Grants to USA, Canada and International nonprofits, government agencies, and for-profit companies involved in biotechnology and pharmaceutical research, for research on new treatments for Parkinson's disease. An informational conference call will be... GrantWatch ID#: 159550

Grants to California Nonprofits, Public Agencies for After-School Enrichment for Disadvantaged Students

Deadline: 09/18/15

Grants ranging from $35,000 to $75,000 to California nonprofit organizations and public agencies serving San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties for out-of-school STEM programming that helps prepare disadvantaged middle school students for the technical ... GrantWatch ID#: 152662

Grants to USA Youth Nonprofits in Multiple States Participating in a Robotics Competition

Deadline: 09/28/15

Grants to California, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, North Carolina, North Dakota, and Wisconsin nonprofit youth organizations serving students in grades 7-12 that are participating in the funding source's competition to design, build a... GrantWatch ID#: 160575

Grants to Nevada Nonprofits for Free Passes to a Las Vegas Children's Museum

Deadline: 09/03/15

Grants to Nevada nonprofit organizations for complimentary passes or complimentary admission to a local children’s museum in Las Vegas. These complimentary admissions are made available during slower, fall months. Discovery Children’s Museum... GrantWatch ID#: 160857

Grants to Stark County, Ohio Nonprofits and Agencies for Arts, Education, Environment and Health Programs

Deadline: 09/04/15

Grants generally ranging from $2,500 to $50,000 to Stark County, Ohio nonprofits and government agencies for programs in the areas of economic development, the catalyst for addressing the root cause of social problems within communities, education, ... GrantWatch ID#: 154669

In-Kind Grants to Southwest USA and Northwest Mexico Nonprofits for Community Garden Projects

Deadline: 09/04/15

In-kind grants of seed packets to USA nonprofits, schools and government agencies in Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado, California, and Northwest Mexico for educational, food security, and community development projects. Seed grants are designe... GrantWatch ID#: 156443

Grants to Louisiana Math Teachers for Travel to Attend a Math & Science Conference

Deadline: 09/04/15

Grants of $300 each to Louisiana math teachers for travel expenses related to attending the funding source's math and science conference in November 2015. Applicants must be members of the funding source on or before August 1, 2015. Funding may b... GrantWatch ID#: 157221

Grants to Mecklenburg County, North Carolina Nonprofits for Public Arts & Culture Enrichment

Deadline: 10/09/15
LOI Date: 09/04/15

Grants of up to $5,000 to Mecklenburg County, North Carolina nonprofits for projects that increase access to arts, science, history and heritage offerings and strengthen the quality of cultural programming in local neighborhoods and towns. September... GrantWatch ID#: 158933

Awards to Arizona K-12 Teachers to Recognize Outstanding Science Instruction

Deadline: 09/04/15

Awards to Arizona K-12 teachers in recognition of outstanding contributions to science education. Anyone, including principals, teachers, parents, students or members of the general public, may nominate a teacher of science for the following two awa... GrantWatch ID#: 159646

Grants to Eligible Arkansas Schools to Improve Educational Technology Capacity

Deadline: 09/04/15

Grants ranging from $1,000 to $5,000 in matching funds to eligible Arkansas schools to improve their technological capacity. Programs are expected to plan and maintain their up-to-date technological capacity. Grant recipients will commit to administ... GrantWatch ID#: 160482

Grants to Cloquet, Minnesota Teachers for Creative Classroom Programming and Field Trips

Deadline: 09/05/15

Grants to Cloquet, Minnesota public school teachers and staff members for educational programs that serve students within individual schools and to initiatives that serve students district-wide. Funding is intended to provide opportunities for acade... GrantWatch ID#: 155246

Grants to Kansas Middle Level Educators for Classroom Materials & Projects

Deadline: 09/05/15

Grants of $500 to Kansas full-time middle school teachers to support the purchase of materials that will enhance classroom learning. Funds may be used for a variety of projects and materials including but not limited to books, software, calculators,... GrantWatch ID#: 160596

Grants to USA & Israel Tech Companies to Collaborate on Cutting-Edge Ventures

Deadline: 10/14/15
LOI Date: 09/07/15

Grants to USA and Israel technology companies to collaborate on research and development projects that will lead to the launch of an innovative new product. The first stage of the application is due by September 7. Research and development topics wi... GrantWatch ID#: 159803

Grants to Ashland County, Ohio K-12 Teachers for Enhanced Learning Opportunities

Deadline: 09/08/15

Grants of up to $750 to Ashland County, Ohio K-12 teachers of accredited public and private schools to foster student learning opportunities. Funds may be used for special projects, events, or activities in any academic subject, and to purchase supp... GrantWatch ID#: 155281

Grants to Israel & Uruguay Companies for Collaborative Development of Commercial Technology

Deadline: 09/08/15

Grants to Israel and Uruguay companies to support collaborative research and development of products and processes leading to commercialization in the global market. Funds will support technological and innovative developments with contributions of ... GrantWatch ID#: 155886

Grants to Nebraska Individuals, Nonprofits, Agencies & Businesses for Environment & Preservation Programs

Deadline: 09/08/15

Grants to Nebraska individuals, nonprofits, public agencies, and for-profit organizations for environmental protection and preservation projects in the areas of habitat, surface and ground water, waste management, air quality, and soil management. T... GrantWatch ID#: 156962

Grants to Florida Nonprofits for Programs in Health, Fitness, Education, Faith, Science and Literature

Deadline: 09/08/15

Grants ranging from $500 to $2,000 to Florida nonprofits for programs in Orange, Osceola, Lake, Seminole, Brevard, and Volusia Counties. Although the fund focuses on programs that support health and fitness, especially among youth, it also funds edu... GrantWatch ID#: 158896

Grants to Israel and France University Students and Affiliates Conducting Joint Research Projects

Deadline: 09/08/15

Grants of approximately €40,000 to Israel and France University students or affiliates executing joint research projects in the fields of biomedical robotics, mechanotransduction and integrative biology. The funding source's goal is to promote sci... GrantWatch ID#: 160096

Grants to New Mexico Agencies & Nonprofits for Environmental Projects for Participants Ages 16-25

Deadline: 09/08/15

Grants of up to $25,000 to New Mexico nonprofit and State, local, and tribal government youth and conservation organizations serving youth and young adults for projects related to land management. Projects provide participants, from ages 16 - 25 yea... GrantWatch ID#: 160613

Grant to a New Mexico IHE or Organization to Hire Interns for Training in Minerals Mining

Deadline: 09/08/15

Grant to a New Mexico university or other eligible organization to hire interns who will be placed in the grantor's offices throughout the State in order to receive firsthand experience managing mineral resources on public lands. The grantor will a... GrantWatch ID#: 160614

Grants to USA, Canada & International Nonprofits to Address Global Environmental Issues

Deadline: 09/09/15

Grants to USA, Canada and International nonprofits to address climate change, unsustainable consumption, and loss of biodiversity. The Foundation works primarily in the United States, but only on national and international level issues. Any non-US f... GrantWatch ID#: 146145

Grants to USA State & Local Agencies, IHEs, Nonprofits & Businesses for Medical Research

Deadline: 10/09/15
LOI Date: 09/09/15

Grants to USA State, local, Native American, and territories governments, IHEs, nonprofits, businesses, and foreign components for biomedical or behavioral research. September 9 is the deadline to submit an optional LOI. Applicants proposing clinica... GrantWatch ID#: 157816

Grants to USA & Israel Individual Scientists for Collaborative Agricultural Projects

Deadline: 09/09/15

Grants to USA and Israel individual scientists for collaborative research projects dealing with an agricultural issue or problem in Israel. Proposals may cover any of the phases of agricultural research and development. The project must yield tangib... GrantWatch ID#: 158802

Grants to Maine Individuals and Companies to Develop New Technology Business Ideas

Deadline: 10/06/15
Conference Date: 09/09/15

Grants of up to $5,000 to Maine individuals and companies for specific activities necessary to bring new products to market. A webinar will be held on September 9. Projects in the following technology sectors will be considered: biotechnology, compo... GrantWatch ID#: 156532

Grants to USA & Canada Nonprofits, Schools & Libraries to Enrich K-12 Education

Deadline: 09/10/15

Grants ranging from $1,000 to $5,000 to USA and Canada nonprofit organizations, schools and libraries for programs to enrich K-12 education. Funding may be requested for academic programs (including tutoring), arts education programs, and environmen... GrantWatch ID#: 158050

Grants to California K-12 Teachers & Nonprofits to Enhance STEM Education

Deadline: 09/10/15

Grants of up to $1,500 to California K-12 teachers, teams of teachers or administrators, as well as nonprofits engaged in providing opportunities to K-12 students, for special projects to enhance STEM education. Applicants may be based in Santa Barb... GrantWatch ID#: 158922

Grants to Canada, USA & International IHE Researchers for Energy & Natural Resource Research

Deadline: 09/10/15

Grants of up to $15,000 to Canada, USA, and International researchers affiliated with Canada IHEs and co-applicants from Canada IHEs, nonprofits, philanthropic foundations, think tanks, and municipal, territorial or provincial governments as well as... GrantWatch ID#: 159219

Grants to Baltimore County, Maryland Nonprofits & IHEs for Arts, Culture & Science Programming

Deadline: 09/10/15

Grants to Maryland nonprofits and higher education institutions that offer public arts, science and historic programs, performances, exhibitions and lectures that benefit Baltimore County citizens. Funds will be used for general operating support by... GrantWatch ID#: 159727

Grants to Kentucky LEAs to Enhance Achievement for Students in Lowest Performing Schools

Deadline: 09/10/15

Grants starting at $50,000 to Kentucky LEAs to improve student achievement. August 17 is the deadline for questions. First priority will be given to schools in Jefferson, Lawrence, Metcalfe, Christian, Greenup, and Newport Independent districts. Fun... GrantWatch ID#: 160142

Grants to New Hampshire Nonprofits for Public Humanities Programs

Deadline: 09/10/15

Grants of up to $1,000 to New Hampshire nonprofits for simple, single-event or short-series projects. Funding is intended to support creative public programs designed to explore the humanities in participatory and dynamic ways. Priority is given to ... GrantWatch ID#: 160447

Grants to New Mexico Nonprofits, Government Agencies & Ad Hoc Groups for Public Humanities Projects

Deadline: 10/01/15
Conference Date: 09/10/15

Grants averaging $5,500 to New Mexico nonprofit organizations, government agencies, educational institutions and other groups to provide public humanities programs. Applicants must consult with program staff by September 10 for consideration. Pro... GrantWatch ID#: 154304

Grants to Alabama & Florida Nonprofits for Marine Conservation & Environmental Protection

Deadline: 10/16/15
LOI Date: 09/11/15

Grants generally ranging from $10,000 to $50,000 to Florida and Alabama nonprofits for environmental protection. A letter of intent is due September 11. Funding supports marine resource conservation and fisheries; South Florida ecosystems, especiall... GrantWatch ID#: 155219

Grants to Colorado Nonprofits & Government Agencies to Benefit Greater Lyons Area Residents

Deadline: 09/11/15

Grants ranging from $500 to $5,000 to Colorado nonprofit organizations, governmental agencies, and nonprofit educational institutions for programs and services that benefit the people living in the Greater Lyons Area, which includes the areas east o... GrantWatch ID#: 160298

Grants to Ripon, Wisconsin Nonprofits & Government Agencies to Address the Needs of Local Residents

Deadline: 09/11/15

Grants of up to $1,000 to Ripon, Wisconsin nonprofit organizations and government agencies for projects that: (a) offer more effective ways of serving people living in the community, (b) meet emerging community needs, and/or (c) strengthen local non... GrantWatch ID#: 160569

Grants to Sheridan County, Wyoming PreK-12 Teachers and Nonprofits for Community Programs

Deadline: 09/11/15

Grants ranging from $500 to $750 to Sheridan County, Wyoming preK-12 teachers and nonprofits for community programs. Applications will be judged on value to education, organization or community, longevity of benefit, number of students or people se... GrantWatch ID#: 160853

Grants to USA Youth Teams to Defray the Cost of Participation in a Competitive Robotics Program

Deadline: 09/14/15

Grants to USA youth teams participating in a competitive robotics programs to encourage the recruitment, retention and advancement of young people. Funds may be used for financial assistance for registration fees, travel expenses, and general robot ... GrantWatch ID#: 158561

Grants to Louisiana Individual K-12 Math & Science Teachers for Materials & Equipment

Deadline: 09/14/15

Grants of up to $750 to Louisiana individual K-12 classroom math and science teachers for classroom materials and equipment. Educational technology must be strongly linked to science or math instruction. The proposal should include specific ways th... GrantWatch ID#: 159655

Grants to USA, Canada & International Individuals for Research Projects Involving Epilepsy Patients

Deadline: 09/14/15

Grants of up to $50,000 to USA, Canada and international epilepsy researchers to conduct pilot research in the following areas: fundamental knowledge of mechanism of action of Cannabidiol; fundamental knowledge of the consistency of products; Cannab... GrantWatch ID#: 160892


Grants to USA Academic Faculty & Individuals for Rare Disease Research

Deadline: 10/19/15
LOI Date: 09/14/15

Grants of up to $71,000 to USA academic faculty or individuals holding senior scientific positions at nonprofits for research projects and case studies on selected diseases. The online pre-application form must be submitted by September 14. The gran... GrantWatch ID#: 160999


Awards to USA Individuals for Social Science Research Projects

Deadline: 11/13/15
LOI Date: 09/14/15

Awards of up to and starting at $35,000 to USA individuals for social scientific research to diagnose social problems and improve social policies. Letters of inquiry are due September 14. Priority is given to innovative projects that collect or anal... GrantWatch ID#: 161031


Grants to Clark County, Nevada Teachers to Enhance Classroom Curriculum

Deadline: 09/14/15

Grants of up to $1,000 to Nevada K-12 teachers in Clark County for curriculum enhancement. Any creative curriculum that strives to enhance student learning is eligible. Applications for projects that show creativity and impact a large number of stud... GrantWatch ID#: 161438

Grants to Texas Nonprofits and Agencies for Arts, Education, Health and Human Services Programs

Deadline: 09/15/15

Grants to Texas nonprofits, agencies and colleges for programs in the areas of arts and culture, education, health, human and social services, public/civic benefit, and faith-based or religious activities, primarily in the City of Midland. Preferenc... GrantWatch ID#: 139629

Grants to Mason County, West Virginia Public Schools for Teacher-Initiated Educational Projects & Programs

Deadline: 09/15/15

Grants of up to $1,000 to Mason County, West Virginia public schools seeking financial assistance to support teacher-initiated educational projects and programs that benefit local students. Up to three teachers from each school in Mason County may ... GrantWatch ID#: 149907

Grants to Wabash County, Indiana Nonprofits to Meet Basic Needs & Improve Opportunities for the Disadvantaged

Deadline: 09/15/15

Grants of up to $5,000 to Wabash County, Indiana nonprofit organizations to meet the basic needs of local residents and provide enrichment experiences for those with limited resources and opportunities. Requests will be considered for a wide range o... GrantWatch ID#: 152207

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