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Technology Grants: 

Technology grants for nonprofits, for-profits and small businesses, including RFPs, applications for foundation grants, corporate grants, state grants, city grants for use of technology in the classroom curriculum, technology grants to improve health and medical information.   314 Technology Grants.

Grants to Rhode Island Startup Companies and Individuals to Launch Innovative Business Ventures

Deadline: 03/28/16

Grants to Rhode Island early-stage and startup companies and individuals to help launch original business concepts that will lead to the development of new growth businesses throughout the State. Applicants may compete for prizes in the following tr... GrantWatch ID#: 163664

Grants to Richmond, Virginia Area Nonprofits for Projects that Impact Women and Children

Deadline: 02/22/16

Grants to Virginia nonprofits serving the City of Richmond, and/or the Counties of Chesterfield, Hanover, Henrico, Goochland, and Powhatan for projects that empower women and children. On December 8 and December 9 information sessions will be held. ... GrantWatch ID#: 165757

Grants to USA, Canada and International Emerging Companies to Relocate to the St. Louis, Missouri Area

Deadline: 02/15/16

Grants of $50,000 and in-kind services to USA, Canada and International startup companies that are willing to relocate to the St. Louis, Missouri area for at least one year. The preliminary application is due by December 15. This program is seeking ... GrantWatch ID#: 164628

Grants to Arkansas Nonprofits, Individuals, Agencies to Renovate Historic Buildings, Cemeteries

Deadline: 03/04/16

Grants generally up to $80,000 to Arkansas nonprofits, local governments, and private property owners to rehabilitate historic structures and cemeteries. On January 7 an application workshop will be held for new applicants. All, and especially new,... GrantWatch ID#: 164794

Grants to USA Nonprofit IHEs to Increase Career Options for Humanities PhD Students

Deadline: 02/17/16

Grants to USA nonprofit IHEs that have PhD programs in the humanities to make transformative changes to humanities programs in order to increase career opportunities for doctoral candidates. January 13 is the deadline (optional) to submit a draft f... GrantWatch ID#: 164142

Grants to Pennsylvania and West Virginia Nonprofits and Individuals for Creative Advances in Youth Education

Deadline: 04/01/16

Grants of up to $10,000 to Pennsylvania and West Virginia nonprofit organizations, community groups and individuals for innovative solutions and imaginative approaches to improve learning and education in the Pittsburgh region. An information sessio... GrantWatch ID#: 167134

Grants to North Carolina Universities and Research Institutions to Commercialize Life Science Inventions

Deadline: 02/17/16

Grants to North Carolina universities and nonprofit research institutions to support states that enable the commercialization of early-stage university life science inventions that have significant commercial potential. Applicants may request a cons... GrantWatch ID#: 162509

Grants to USA IHEs, Nonprofits, Businesses, Agencies for Telemedicine in Rural Communities

Deadline: 03/14/16

Grants starting at $50,000 to USA local, State, and tribal agencies, IHEs, nonprofits, and businesses for distance learning and telemedicine services in rural areas. Webinars will be held on January 27, February 2, and 18. Applicants must operate ei... GrantWatch ID#: 157088

Grants to USA Arts Nonprofits Partnering for Collaborative Projects with Non-Arts Organizations

Deadline: 03/24/16
LOI Date: 03/03/16

Grants starting at $20,000 to USA local, State, tribal, IHEs, and nonprofit arts organizations partnering with a non-arts organization for projects showing the importance of the arts to US creativity. On January 27 a pre-propsal conference will be h... GrantWatch ID#: 167581

Grants to Alaska Agencies, Nonprofits, Businesses for Environmental Projects Related to State Waters

Deadline: 02/16/16

Grants to Alaska local, State, and tribal agencies, businesses, NGOs, and nonprofits for environmental projects related to stewardship, restoration, and protection of State waters and aquatic habitats. A teleconference will be held on January 28 to ... GrantWatch ID#: 167899

Grants to USA Nonprofits and Agencies to Promote Use of Digital Technology by Humanities Scholars

Deadline: 03/15/16

Grants starting at $50,000 to USA nonprofits and local, State, and tribal agencies to train humanities scholars and advanced graduate students in the digital humanities. It is recommended that applicants submit a draft proposal for review (optional)... GrantWatch ID#: 164805

In-Kind Grants to Mississippi PreK-8 Schools to Integrate Art into the Core Curriculum

Deadline: 03/01/16

In-kind grants of up to $3,500 to Mississippi public and private nonprofit preK-8 schools to integrate arts into the core curriculum. January 8 is the deadline to decide if the school will apply for funding in the upcoming year. February 2 is the de... GrantWatch ID#: 165080

Grants to USA Nonprofits, IHEs and Public Agencies in Multiples States to Improve Watershed Quality

Deadline: 03/29/16

Grants starting at $50,000 to Delaware, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania nonprofit organizations, local government agencies, Indian tribes, and educational institutions to restore water quality and habitats in the Delaware River watershed. An i... GrantWatch ID#: 168128

Prizes to Monterey Bay Region, California Startups and Entrepreneurs Seeking Funding and Mentorship

Deadline: 03/14/16

A business competition with prizes of up to $20,000 is open to California startup companies and entrepreneurs in Monterey, San Benito and Santa Cruz Counties. Applicants are invited to attend workshops held on various days and locations between Febr... GrantWatch ID#: 165169

In-Kind Consulting to USA Nonprofits and Schools in Multiple States for Capacity Building

Deadline: 03/01/16

In-kind consulting services valued at $45,000 to Illinois, California, New York, Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia nonprofit organizations and schools to strengthen organizational operations. An informational webinar will be held February 3. El... GrantWatch ID#: 165607

Grants to Greensboro Area, North Carolina Organizations for Health, Wellness and Family Programs

Deadline: 02/29/16

Grants ranging from $300 to $3,000 to Greensboro Area, North Carolina neighborhood organizations for leadership development, technical competency, health and wellness, and family projects. A grant workshop will be held on February 9. Eligible projec... GrantWatch ID#: 168315

Grants to New Hampshire PreK-12 Public Schools and Nonprofits to Host Special Needs Classes for Arts Programs

Deadline: 04/08/16

Grants of up to $4,500 to New Hampshire preK-12 public schools and nonprofit alternative education sites for special needs students (pre-K to age 21) for art programs. It is strongly recommended that applicants attend the workshop on February 11. ... GrantWatch ID#: 151748

Grants to New Hampshire Nonprofits, Schools for Out-of-School Performing, Media, and Literary Arts Programs

Deadline: 04/15/16

Grants of up to $4,500 to New Hampshire schools, nonprofits, and SAUs for out-of-school opportunities for youth to engage in the arts. It is strongly recommended that applicants attend the workshop on February 11. Drafts may be submitted, and are es... GrantWatch ID#: 151749

Grants to New Hampshire Nonprofits, Schools for Youth Arts and Culture Projects Outside of School Hours

Deadline: 04/15/16

Grants of up to $4,500 to New Hampshire nonprofits, schools, and SAUs for after-school-hours youth arts and culture projects. It is strongly recommended that applicants attend the workshop on February 11. Drafts may be submitted, and are especially... GrantWatch ID#: 167952

Award to a USA Middle or High School Teacher for Outstanding Student-Centered Instruction

Deadline: 02/14/16

Award valued at more than $1,000 to a USA middle or high school teacher who demonstrates excellence in STEM teaching and student-centered instruction. Applicants should demonstrate effectiveness to inspire and motivate students to learn, going beyon... GrantWatch ID#: 161746

Grants to North Dakota Arts Nonprofits for Assistance with General Expenses

Deadline: 03/15/16
LOI Date: 02/15/16

Grants starting at $2,000 to North Dakota arts nonprofits that have been in existence for at least four years, for general expenses. Applicants must submit an LOI by January 15. February 15 is the deadline to submit a draft for review. Funds will be... GrantWatch ID#: 134964

Grants to USA, Canada and International Nonprofits and NGOs to Protect and Study Forests Around the World

Deadline: 02/15/16

Grants ranging from $10,000 to $40,000 to USA, Canada and International nonprofit and non-governmental civil society organizations for research, advocacy and field work in order to protect forest environments around the world. Projects may include, ... GrantWatch ID#: 151801

Grants to Canada Nonprofit Music Groups to Promote Canada Musicians and Music

Deadline: 02/15/16

Grants to Canada nonprofit professional orchestras, opera companies, choirs, and new music organizations to support and promote Canadian artists and Canadian music. Funds are provided for general support to assist organizations in remaining sustaina... GrantWatch ID#: 152267

Grants to Decatur County, Indiana Nonprofits, Schools and Agencies for Health, Preservation and Education

Deadline: 02/15/16

Grants ranging from $1,500 to $15,000 to Decatur County, Indiana nonprofits, schools and agencies for programs that focus on one or more of the following areas: arts and literacy, youth and recreation, education, health and human service, safety, hi... GrantWatch ID#: 156763

Grants to North Minnesota Agencies, IHEs, Nonprofits, K-12 Schools for Arts Activities

Deadline: 02/15/16

Grants of up to $6,000 to Minnesota nonprofits, K-12 schools, government and tribal agencies, IHEs, and cultural heritage groups in Beltrami, Hubbard, Clearwater, Lake of the Woods, and Mahnomen Counties arts for activities benefiting area residents... GrantWatch ID#: 160952

Grants to Fairfield County, Connecticut Nonprofits for Youth, Arts, Women, Girls, Health and Wellbeing

Deadline: 02/15/16

Grants to Fairfield County, Connecticut nonprofit organizations to build and sustain a vital and prosperous local community in the areas of youth (up to age 25), women and girls, economic security, and the arts; as well as to promote health and prod... GrantWatch ID#: 161060

Fellowships to USA, Canada, and International Individual College Juniors, Seniors and Graduates for Web Developm...

Deadline: 02/15/16

Fellowships with a $6,000 stipend to USA, Canada, and International individual college juniors, seniors and graduates for practical training in web development. Funding is intended to provide a summer opportunity to design and implement a web develo... GrantWatch ID#: 163094

Grants to Utah Library Staff to Attend Credit or Non-Credit Library Science Classes

Deadline: 02/15/16

Grants to Utah library staff members for registration, travel fees, and up to $1,000 in tuition support to continue their library science education through credit or non-credit courses. Eligible applicants must be working for, or a board member of, ... GrantWatch ID#: 163493

Grants to Utah Library Organizations for Staff Training Necessary to Meet Clientele Needs

Deadline: 02/15/16

Grants of up to $3,000 to Utah library organizations for training to upgrade skills of library staff, trustees, and supporters in order to meet the needs of library clientele. Funds will be provided for trainers fees, room rental if needed, and trai... GrantWatch ID#: 163494

Grants to USA Nonprofits in Multiple States for Health and Human Services and Youth Development Programs

Deadline: 02/15/16

Grants to Iowa, Minnesota, New Jersey, Ohio, Virginia, and Wisconsin nonprofits for programs and projects in the areas of affordable housing, health and safety, education and youth development, human services, and civic engagement/community developm... GrantWatch ID#: 163625

Grants to Canada Researchers to Investigate Novel Ideas and Methods in Cancer Research

Deadline: 04/01/16
LOI Date: 02/15/16

Grants to Canada researchers to support innovative, creative problem solving in cancer research. The deadline for abstract registration is February 15. Funding is intended to support unconventional concepts, approaches or methodologies to address p... GrantWatch ID#: 164034

Grants to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Organizations for Education, Recreation, Environment and Civic

Deadline: 02/15/16

Grants to Allegheny County, Pennsylvania charitable organizations for programs in the areas of education, recreation, preservation and the environment, and social responsibility. Funding is intended to support services which otherwise might be unav... GrantWatch ID#: 164990

Grants to North Carolina Nonprofits for Family and Emergency Services, Arts and Civic Development

Deadline: 02/15/16

Grants of up to $2,500 to North Carolina nonprofits for programs in the areas of family services, civic and community, culture and arts, emergency services and development. Funding is intended for programs in Brunswick and Columbus Counties and part... GrantWatch ID#: 165134

Grants to Nova Scotia Arts and Culture Nonprofits for General Administrative and Program Support

Deadline: 02/15/16

Grants to Nova Scotia nonprofit arts and culture organizations in order to help them maintain and improve organizational stability. Funds will be provided for general administrative and core program expenses to organizations that produce cultural ev... GrantWatch ID#: 165422


Grants to Nova Scotia Nonprofits for Arts and Culture Projects that Engage Community Members and Youth

Deadline: 02/15/16

Grants to Nova Scotia nonprofits for arts and culture special and pilot projects that promote artistic and/or community cultural development. It is recommended that applicants contact program staff to discuss their project before applying. Eligible ... GrantWatch ID#: 165514

Grants to USA Nonprofits and Public Schools in Multiple States for Human Services and STEM Education

Deadline: 02/15/16

Grants starting at $2,000 to California, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Washington nonprofits and public schools for community services, basic human ne... GrantWatch ID#: 166319

Grants to South Dakota Gas Station Owners to Install Gasoline and Ethanol Blender Pumps

Deadline: 02/15/16

Grants of up to $29,054 per pump to South Dakota retail gas stations to install blender pumps that allow customers to select the gasoline and ethanol ratio they prefer. Pumps must be manufactured to an industry standard and carry a warranty for comp... GrantWatch ID#: 166340

Grants to Canada IHEs and Nonprofits Partnering to Conduct Major Social Science and Humanities Projects

Deadline: 02/15/16

Grants starting at up to $20,000 for partnerships between eligible Canada IHEs and/or nonprofits to implement large projects designed to advance research, training, and knowledge in the social sciences and humanities. Institutions seeking eligibilit... GrantWatch ID#: 166623

Grants to USA Small and Mid-Sized Farms in Multiple States for Environmental Sustainability

Deadline: 02/15/16

Grants ranging from $2,000 to $5,000 California, Pennsylvania, Illinois and Arizona small and medium-sized farms and agricultural nonprofits for sustainability projects that have large positive impacts on the environment, local food systems, and far... GrantWatch ID#: 166725

Internships for Miami-Dade County, Florida College and University Students in Israel

Deadline: 02/15/16

Internship program in Israel for Miami-Dade County, Florida college students in order to gain professional experience in their field of choice while exploring the country and culture. Applicants should contact program staff for on-campus fall info s... GrantWatch ID#: 166782

Grants to Wyoming Agencies, Nonprofits, IHEs and Neighboring States Organizations for Arts Education

Deadline: 03/01/16
LOI Date: 02/15/16

Grants of up to $7,000 to Wyoming local, State, tribal, and eligible federal agencies, school districts, IHEs, and nonprofits also in the bordering areas of Colorado, South Dakota, Nebraska, Montana, Idaho, and Utah for arts education programs prima... GrantWatch ID#: 167084

Grants to Quebec Professional Visual Artists for a Residency in South Korea

Deadline: 02/15/16

Grants of $8,000 to Quebec visual artists with at least two years of professional practice to participate in a short-term artist-in-residence exchange program in South Korea. Funds will be provided for the following expenses: living costs, travel, i... GrantWatch ID#: 167484

Grants to Quebec Professional Digital and Visual Artists for a Residency in Austria

Deadline: 02/15/16

Grants of $3,500 and €1600 to Quebec digital and visual artists with at least two years of professional practice for a residency in Austria as part of a short-term residency exchange program. Eligible artistic disciplines include digital arts and ... GrantWatch ID#: 167485

Grants to Israel University Faculty to Establish Research Centers Addressing Energy Sustainability

Deadline: 02/15/16

Grants of up to €75,000 per year to Israel university faculty with permanent positions to establish research centers that address energy sustainability through the lens of the following topics: technology, environmental studies, natural sciences, ... GrantWatch ID#: 167606


Grants to Kansas K-12 Schools to Promote Recycling and Environmental Stewardship

Deadline: 02/15/16

Grants of up to $4,500 to Kansas K-12 schools for projects to engage students in recycling and waste reduction projects. Eligible projects include field trips to recycling centers, landfills, and composing facilities, purchase of recycling container... GrantWatch ID#: 168146

Donations to Idaho Schools for Food Service Equipment

Deadline: 02/15/16

In-kind donations of food service equipment to Idaho schools, with the goal of promoting school nutrition programs, increasing participation in school breakfast and lunch, and improving accessibility and consumption of dairy offerings. Through th... GrantWatch ID#: 168153

Grants to USA and Israel Scientists, IHEs, Nonprofits, Agencies, and Businesses for Marine Science Research

Deadline: 02/15/16

Grants to USA and Israel scientists, engineers, and educators employed by IHEs, State and local agencies, businesses, and nonprofits for collaborative marine science research projects. USA researchers should contact the program office to discuss the... GrantWatch ID#: 168210

Grants to Texas Nonprofits for Women's and Children's Critical Issues in Hays County

Deadline: 02/15/16

Grants to Hays County, Texas nonprofit organizations, health care providers and faith-based organizations for programs and projects that focus on critical issues including poverty, violence and improving access to healthcare and education for women ... GrantWatch ID#: 168508

Grants to Illinois Schools and Educational Organizations to Install Wind Turbines on Campuses

Deadline: 02/16/16

Grants of up to $40,000 to Illinois K-12 schools and educational organizations to install wind turbines on their buildings. Funds are intended to turn school buildings into hands-on science experiments, helping teachers to instruct students about sc... GrantWatch ID#: 140915

Grants to California Nonprofits for Civic and Service Programs in Los Altos and Surrounding Areas

Deadline: 02/16/16

Grants generally ranging from $500 to $10,000 to California nonprofits that directly serve the residents of Los Altos, Los Altos Hills, and the surrounding communities. Funding will be provided for events, programs, projects, and activities that: ... GrantWatch ID#: 162924

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