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Deadline: 10/02/2014
One grant of up to $98,000 to a New York City qualified consulting firm or consultant to assist the successful involvement of the funding source and its network of providers in healthcare reform initiatives as it relates to the aging population. The consultant will attend various planning and...
Deadline: Ongoing
Grants to Arizona, California and Hawaii non-profit organizations for projects that work to resolve societal, educational and environmental problems strategically and make area communities better places to live. The Foundation's primary interest areas are education and natural resource conservation....
Deadline: Ongoing
Grants to Knoxville, Tennessee non-profit organizations for a wide variety of projects that will result in an increased homeownership opportunities within the City of Knoxville for low-income residents. Funds may be awarded in the form of secured loans or lines of credit, forgivable loans,...
Deadline: Ongoing
Grants to Colorado non-profit organizations and government equivalents to benefit communities across a broad spectrum of focus areas, including: arts and culture, civic and community initiatives, education, health, and human services. Priority consideration will be provided to capital projects...

Grants to Create a Healthy and Safe
Environment for Californians

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Deadline: Ongoing
Grants of up to $1,000 to Rockdale County, Georgia non-profit organizations and government units providing physical and mental health care programs and services to address a pressing need or to mitigate emergency situations, such as equipment failure or safety issues. The funding source invests...
Deadline: Ongoing
Prizes starting at $50,000 will be awarded to USA and territories criminal justice agencies and individuals or organizations working with an agency that successfully complete research projects designed to provide solutions to problems they are facing. Award period ends September 30, 2016 or...
Deadline: Ongoing
Grants of up to $5,000 are available to Manitoba, Canada organizations providing arts education, training, and development of skills to Aboriginal individuals and groups. Applications must be submitted at least eight weeks in advance of proposed program or event. Funds will be provided for...
Deadline: Ongoing
Grants to Oklahoma organizations for activities that promote and enhance the general welfare of the people of the Osage Nation. Funds may be requested for cultural, educational, health, historical, community and other appropriate activities and programs. Preference is given to requests from...
Deadline: Ongoing
Grants to non-profits in Ohio, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and West Virginia for social, youth, economic and other types of programs that benefit local communities. The four core funding areas are: Community Development,...
Deadline: Ongoing
Grants of up to $1,000 will be available to Arizona non-profits, government agencies, & others for public humanities programs relevant to Arizona residents. Workshops will be held from September 26 through November 6, 2014. Proposals must be submitted at least 8 weeks before the program will...

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