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Enter A New Grant allows grant givers to post their funding opportunities for nonprofits, small businesses and individuals.
Official Title*  This is your official grant title. This can be cut and pasted in order to avoid misspellings and typos. Do not write the title in all caps.
Unofficial Title   Catchy name/Headline - may include estimated size or number of grants. This title should include the word "Grant" and should be the basic idea of the grant in layman's terms. Keep it to one or two lines. Please do not include the name of the organization or official grant title here.
This grant has a due date     This grant is ongoing
Letter of Interest or Intent Due  Please click your cursor in the field and the calendar tool will appear for you to choose a date. Only the date for mandatory LOI's should be placed here. The date for Non-mandatory LOIs should be placed in the pre-application information.
Name of Agency / Department / Foundation / Corporation offering the funding opportunity* 
What type of agency is providing this grant?*  Select from the drop-down menu.
Contact Information*  (This information will be displayed on the website) Cut and paste contact information that you want the applicant to use. Include as available and appropriate: contact name(s), email address(es), phone number(s), URLs (start with "http://") and where to pick up the proposal.
Contact Names & Emails  (This is confidential). We use this field to send you a copy of your published grant. This information will not be displayed on the website.
Dear *
For local grants only, enter grant coverage areas  Name of City or Town
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CFDA Number  For Federal grants only. Leave blank if none.
Funding or Pin Number  Federal grants have a funding number. State and City, Foundation and Corporation grants may have a pin number or any other kind of number. Leave blank if none.
  • If a field is left blank/empty, the title of that field will not show up in the published grant.  There is an asterisk next to each field that is mandatory.
  • When ending a paragraph and beginning another - press Enter 2 times - do not indent. 
    Use 2 spaces after a period and one space after a comma.
  • Please check your spelling.
  • Your work will not be saved automatically.  Save your work frequently as you are entering information.
  • Submit the grant when you have completed the posting.  It will then go to our proofreader to ensure the style matches the website and then to our editor for publishing.
  • You will receive an email when the grant is published.  Send us an email if there are any additional significant changes.
Pre-proposal Conference  If there is no conference, leave this section blank. If you are offering a conference or a webinar - please include all of the details here: date, time, location, and phone number.
Pre-Application Information  Where to mail the application, Q & A, Concept Papers, etc. Use this section to include where to send Letter of Interest/Intent or Inquiry/Application, and anything that needs to be included but does not fit somewhere else (eligibility quiz or board resolution). If there is something applicants MUST know or do before applying - this is where to put it. Please review the rest of the form before completing this field so you do not repeat information required in other fields.
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Description*  Use the following link as a reference to review the format for publishing grants on the website:

Write everything in the third person. Do not use words like we, us, or our. When logged in you may review grants in the Tour the Archives tab and you will get a feel for how we post our grants.

The first four lines are written in a descriptive manner without any identifying information. It is enough for someone to determine if they would like full access to the website. We may edit or revise this to conform to the website style.

After the four lines, include all the pertinent details. Describe the grant that you are offering. You may copy and paste from your own descriptive literature. This section will be searchable.
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Eligibility*  You may click all those that apply from our list and/or and you may add a more descriptive eligibility in the next field in your own words.

Select all that are appropriate. This section will be searchable.

Additional Eligibility Criteria  Write in any eligibility requirements not on the selectable list above. You may include a list of items that are not eligible. Include the words NOT ELIGIBLE in capital letters at the beginning of the non eligible list. This section will be searchable.
Estimated Total Program Funding  This is how much money in total has been set aside to fund all of the grants for this cycle. If the grant has multiple components with different funding, use the total or the largest amount here (whichever is more appropriate). You can list the separate components in the Pre-Application information.
No commas, $ signs, or periods. Note the formatting here.
Number of Grants  Indicate how many grants you plan to give (this number can be an approximate amount).
Estimated Size of Grant  Please put in a dollar sign and comma - if there are cents, then use a period. If there is a range, use the amounts with a hyphen in between, for example: $1,000 - $50,000 (no words are necessary).
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Term of Contract  Please write out the term of contract, for example: One Year, 2 Years, 12 Months, etc. You may also include text here about renewal and extension options.
Regions*  A Region must be selected for ALL grants (Federal, State, Local, and Foundation). Select the locations where this grant is applicable. If no region is selected, the grant will not show up on any of the state websites. Please select all geographic areas that are eligible to apply for this grant. If it is specific areas within a state or states or a country- check the state(s) or countries and list specific areas in the additional eligibility information field and also choose Local when you answer What type of agency is providing this grant? And write the areas there.

   [+]Sub Regions


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URL for Full Text (RFP)*  Enter your agency's URL (the webpage) where your grant information is located, and make sure it starts with "http://". If there are many pages, use the application page. Other important URLs should be pasted in the Pre-Application section if necessary.
Attached Files  If you have documents to upload click Browse and select the appropriate files from your desktop.
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File 5:
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Categories*  You must check at least one. Select as many that are reasonable fits for the grant. Always select Other. The grant will appear in all of the categories you have selected.
Date to Display this Grant as New 

Your information (below) will be used to verify the legitimacy of the grant post.
It will be kept privileged and confidential.

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