Found Grant Last Week

Dear Libby,

I signed up for a monthly subscription last week and found the perfect grant! I gathered my application materials, but now I can’t find the grant listing. I should’ve saved the link. . . Is there anything I can do?

Thanks, Lost & Looking


Dear Lost & Looking,

You have nothing to worry about! We recently created a feature specifically for this problem. All GrantWatch subscribers, both paid and unpaid, have access to “My Grant Views,” an organized list of all the grants you have viewed since the beginning of your subscription.

To easily access the grant you found last week, sign in to your GrantWatch account and click “My Grant Views” in the top right corner of the screen.


As a MemberPlus+ (paid subscriber), you have a great advantage: your grant-views chart will record the grant ID, view date, grant title, grant agency, official grant title, deadline, LOI date (if any) and conference date (if any).




Unpaid subscribers, though, will not have access to the grant agency or official grant title.



You can click the Grant ID# at any time to access the complete grant-detail page, where a paid subscriber can obtain the eligibility information, contact instructions and funding source URL to review and apply for the grant.

For additional information about the new “My Grant Views” page, read our introductory article on the GrantWatch blog.

Thank you for sharing your question,

Libby Hikind

CEO & Founder