#GivingTuesday #RaiseMoney

The global movement of giving has begun. Capitalizing on Black Friday and Cyber Monday – Giving Tuesday harnesses the potential of social media and the generosity of people around the world to evoke real change within local communities. 

An immediate sensation that caught on like wild fire … nonprofits rallied around crowdfunding as a means to raise vital dollars while relying on the tradition of "year-end" charitable gifts.

In 2015, charities from 98 countries raised $177 million within 24 hours. 

There is a strategy to success! 

  1. Do not fundraise for general operating expenses or more than one program 
  2. Pick one program with a beginning, a middle and end. For example: a new playground to be built in an inner-city 
    •     Beginning:
      • Fundraising Goal $10,000
    •     Middle: 
      • Who will the gift help – preschool children 
      • What will the gift accomplish – build a playground where there was none before
      •  Where (city, state) the gift will reach – inner city
      • Why is the gift needed – helps to build a community by providing a safe, nurturing place for families to gather 
    • End:
      • The Goal needs to finish the job – $10,000 will help put the last nail into the playground 
  3. Tell a personal story: Human impact sells to donors on social media
  4. Do not describe your nonprofit in detail
  5. Stick to the one program that needs funds
  6. Photos speak louder than words 
  7. Remember that every dollar counts
  8. SHARE: To go viral, the post must hit as many newsfeeds as possible
  9. UHelp is a free crowdfunding platform and means to collect the funds
  10. Platforms are NOT going to sell your cause  – you are
  11. If you have a  website, link a donate button to your UHelp campaign page
  12. Urge family/friends to SHARE your Giving Tuesday post on their feeds
  13. Accept that someone may not have the capacity to give a gift today – but sharing the post can be just as valuable; continue to post on social media past Nov. 29, 2017, so donors can view how their contribution made a difference 
  14. Plan for 2018 NOW …

About the Author: Marsha3 is a proven grant writer and crowdfunding mentor on the GrantWriterTeam.com website.