Happy National Live Creative Day!

GrantWatch is celebrating National Live Creative Day by promoting grants that support struggling artists, new creative initiatives, imaginative culture and artistic programs/projects! What does it mean to “live creative”? We live creative when we stop sitting on our ideas and we step outside the box and make them happen!


I think to live creative is so much more. It’s having an idea and creating it overall—from start to finish, seamlessly in your head, then on paper and then to fruition without letting the naysayers stop your flow. Creativity for me is a whoosh that comes from above, whether it’s in a poem, an art work or in business. You have to stay quiet to listen.

—Libby Hikind, Founder and CEO of GrantWatch


Some creative ideas blossom by being in the right place at the right time. For others, you need funding. From international theater collaborations to art shows that promote diversity, find the funding you need on GrantWatch.com.

While GrantWatch is known for aiding small businesses and nonprofits, we promote artistic initiatives, businesses and individuals. After all, a successful business starts with a creative mind. Breaking into the world of art is just as daunting (if not, more so) as entering the world of business.

GrantWatch supports all our creative thinkers, both in business and in art—and they aren’t mutually exclusive. Celebrate National Live Creative Day by expressing your own personal creativity and by helping ambitious artists fulfill their dreams and bring their work to life.

Arts Grants on GrantWatch.com


Grants to USA, Canada, and International Nonprofits to Exhibit Historical American Art that is Chicago-Based or has an International Focus


Grants to USA, Canada, and International nonprofit organizations for arts exhibitions that increase the understanding and appreciation of historical American art (circa 1500–1980). 

LOI Date: 03/01/18

Deadline: 05/15/18 Postmarked for mailed material

Grants to USA, Canada, and International Organizations to Support Chamber Music Training for Amateur Musicians

Grants to USA, Canada, and International organizations for workshops that provide coaching and support for amateur musicians playing chamber music.

Deadline: 12/31/17 – Postmarked or Emailed by 5:00 PM EST


Grants to USA Nonprofits and Arts Organizations to Support Visual Artists’ Professional and Creative Development


Grants to USA nonprofit and arts organizations, museums, and cultural institutions for projects that support visual artists’ needs and contribute to their creative and professional development.

Deadline: 03/01/18 Postmarked

About the Author: Kayli Tomasheski is a Copy Editor for GrantWatch.com.

Be Better and Do More for Earth Day with GrantWatch

For Earth Day 2017, the GrantWatch family is being better and doing more by banning wasteful, single-use paper cups from the office. A few of us took a little field trip to Marshalls, carpooling to reduce pollution, and facetimed the rest of our office staff to make sure everyone could choose their own new mug. This small task will greatly reduce the waste created by GrantWatch each and every day!

Saturday, April 22nd is Earth Day. Join the Earth Day movement and use GRANTS to make our planet a better place. Make a positive impact of eco-responsibility with environment and preservation grants listed on GrantWatch. There are so many ways we can be better and do more for the environment. Earth Day 2017 is the perfect opportunity to start an eco-friendly initiative for your family or community.

Celebrate Earth Day by taking action and starting an earth friendly project in your community, upgrade the energy efficiency of your home by installing solar panels or make a simple promise to yourself and our planet to start recycling. Get involved with a litter clean up or community garden project in your neighborhood.

The first Earth Day was held on April 22, 1970, in America.

It was founded by former US senator Gaylord Nelson after he saw the enormous 1969 oil spill in Santa Barbara, California.

Each year, festivals, parades and rallies are held in at least 192 countries to demonstrate support for environmental protection. –Mirror

Here’s a few of our environment and preservation grant listings that we’re sure would make Mother Earth proud.

Environment Grants

Grants to USA Nonprofits to Promote Organic Farming Within the Country

Grants averaging $10,000 to USA nonprofit organizations working to enhance agriculture production, with an emphasis on organic farming.

LOI Date: 01/18/18

Deadline: 03/01/18

Preservation Grants

Indemnity Program for USA Nonprofits and Agencies to Protect Art and Artifacts on Exhibit

An indemnity program is available to USA nonprofit organizations and government agencies holding collections on exhibit within the country.

Deadline: 12/15/17 11:59 PM ET

Grants to USA Independent Researchers to Study Military History in Pennsylvania

Grants of up to $1,750 to USA unfunded independent researchers to study under-explored areas of military history at an army heritage center located in Pennsylvania.

Deadline: 03/01/18

How will you pay it forward for the planet this Earth Day? 

Tell us in the comments below! 

About the Author: Staff Writer for GrantWatch.com


The 4 Questions: Jet Blue Wins at Passover, Lands on GrantWatch

Thank you JetBlue for this take-off on the Four Questions – while we laughed, it made us take a step back and think, “Why is GrantWatch different from all other grant websites?” (What a fun way to evaluate your own business, as compared to your competitors!)

Why Is This Website Different From All Other Grant Websites?

1) On all the other grant websites, we can view a “Balagan” of grants from maybe one (or two) types of funding sources and a few categories.

On GrantWatch, we see well-organized and categorized grants from ALL types of funders (foundations, corporations, federal, state and local governments), in 50 categories and by all locations.

2) On all the other grant websites, we see only a “Kleyn Shtik” of the grants.

On GrantWatch, we can view “presentation quality” grant detail pages appropriate for a board meeting: They include eligibility, geographic focus, estimated size of grant, pre-application information, grant summary, funding source contacts and URLs for grant applications (RFPs).

3) On all the other grant websites, we see grants that have not even been checked one time, to be certified “Kosher.”

On GrantWatch, we can trust that the grants have been checked multiple times for accuracy by a: grant researcher, grant associate, editor and the funding source.

4) On all the other grant websites, customer service is lacking, with only email assistance.

On GrantWatch, we can recline (relax), because we know we’re going to get a fast email , phone or chat response from a friendly and knowledgeable grant specialist.


Balagan – Mess

Kleyn Shtik – Little Piece

Certified Kosher – Legitimate

From our family to your, GrantWatch wishes you and yours a very Happy Passover.

About the Author: Libby Hikind, CEO, with Contributions by GrantWatch Support Staff: Lianne, Dominique, Tracy and Alex

BUILDING a Better Future with Environmental Grants

GrantWatch.com proudly plays an integral role in building a healthier, stronger tomorrow. The environmental grants and sustainability grants posted, support farming, gardening, clean air, clean water and a variety of other vital initiatives to create a healthier tomorrow (see below for grants).

Human beings are spending an unprecedented amount of time indoors. The long-term effects and health risks associated with poor ventilation, mold, dampness, and other unhealthy conditions is a source of intense research and development.

National Geographic has made hopeful discoveries in this area. This research, part of the Urban Expeditions series has discovered green construction methods that will better both mankind and the buidings in which we spend 90% of our lives within. With eager participation, carefully executed research and alysis, National Geographic has discovered ways in which buildings may actually improve our health!

Before he became a public health researcher at Harvard, Joseph Allen investigated hundreds of “sick buildings” as a consultant for owners who complained about illness in workers or residents from mold, dampness, and other unhealthy conditions.

The green building movement—which has been growing over the past few decades—has gradually expanded from a focus on reducing water and energy usage to a holistic approach that incorporates how buildings affect the people in them.

The wide-ranging efforts include improving indoor air quality and even increasing activity levels of building occupants. Allen and colleagues at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health have defined nine foundations for healthier buildings, such as better water quality, reducing noise, regulating temperature, and maximizing light.

In fact, Allen’s group has even coined a new term for this work: buildingomics. The idea is derived from genomics—in the same way that a person is more than individual genes, a building is more than the sum of its parts. “We’re trying to change how people think about buildings,” he says.

The green building movement has improved the quality and secured health benefits of structures by implementing a few fascinating factors. The air we breathe, natural light, active design, bringing the outdoors in (biophilia, the practice of incorporating natural elements and plants to improve air quality) and building for resilience has proven successul in creating a healthier environment for humans. GrantWatch.com lists several grants in support of the environment, sustainability and green initiatives that secure a healthier future for our planet.

Environment Grants on GrantWatch.com

Grants to Multiple USA States and Ontario Nonprofits and Agencies for Environmental Program

Grants to Ontario and USA charitable, educational, and governmental organizations in the Great Lakes region for programs and projects that promote environmental sustainability.

Deadline: Ongoing

Grants to USA Nonprofits, Schools, and Agencies in Multiple States for Pre-K-12 Environmental Awareness

Grants of up to $5,000 to USA nonprofits, schools, and public agencies in multiple states for programs promoting pre-K-12 environmental awareness and environmental training for teachers.

Deadline: 01/12/18 5:00 PM

Grants to Hawaii Educators for Hands-On STEM Projects to Engage Students in Ocean and Earth Science

Grants of up to $1,000 to Hawaii educators for hands-on STEM projects. Funding is intended to engage students in learning about ocean and Earth science.

Deadline: 01/07/18 Receipt

What do you think of the green building movement (“buildingomics”)? Have you participated in any efforts to improve the environment?

Please sare your story and leave a comment below!

About the Author: Staff Writer for GrantWatch.com


What Every Nonprofit Can Learn from the Lake Worth Street Painting Festival

The Street Painting Festival is a stellar example of nonprofit success. This year, 2017 marked the 23rd annual Street Painting Festival in Lake Worth, FL.

“The Street Painting Festival and its committee work in partnership with the City of Lake Worth, the Community Redevelopment Agency and the LULA Arts District, creating an event that today serves as an inspiration and model for similar events throughout the United States and abroad.” – Street Painting Festival 501(c)(3)

With over 600 artists, main stage music, food court and beverage tents, the award-winning 2 day event is the largest free festival of its kind. It also sets the perfect example of nonprofit organization success. Art enthusiasts from around the world gathered as artists transformed downtown Lake Worth into a pop-up art gallery. The Street Painting Festival springs asphalt to life with traditional, 3D and textured creations. Downtown Lake Worth is brightened by 280 chalk drawings between Federal Highway and H Street and between First Avenue South and Second Avenue North.

The first Street Painting Festival was organized in 1995 by a group of Lake Worth residents, led by Erin Allen and Maryanne Webber. Over 20 years later, Webber remains a dedicated volunteer chairperson and artist coordinator on the Street Painting Festival committee. Each year the Street Painting Festival partners with another charity to give back to the community. In 2017, the Street Painting Festival partners with Wheels for Kids 501(c)(3), providing custom wheel chairs for children with special needs who can neither purchase them nor qualify for public or charitable funding.

Courtesy of event attendee

The popular event creates a positive presence in the community, while raising funds that support socially responsible causes. The free festival is supported by the nonprofit and attracts more attendees every year. The method of partnering with a new nonprofit each year is an exceptional way of optimizing the event publicity. By supporting positive ventures like Wheels for Kids, the Street Painting Festival 501(c)(3) is exposed to a greater audience and empowered to accomplish more in the community.

Do you currently network with a group of artists or volunteer for a nonprofit organization in your community? Consider organizing a Street Painting Festival or other creative event in your hometown! This is a great way to unite communities and benefit worthy causes.

Current Arts & Culture Grants on GrantWatch: 

Grants to USA Nonprofits, Tribes, and Agencies for Arts Activities in Underserved Communities

Grants of $10,000 to USA nonprofit organizations, government agencies, local education agencies, and tribes for projects that expand arts opportunities for underserved populations.  Deadline: Ongoing

Grants to USA Nonprofits and Artists for the Production of Live Theater Shows Using Puppets

Grants ranging between $3,000 and $7,000 to USA nonprofits and artists for projects to develop creative performances using puppets.  Deadline: 9/11/17

Award to a USA, Canada, or International Postsecondary Journalism Educator for Contributions to the Field

Award to a USA, Canada, or International postsecondary-level journalism educator to recognize exemplary teaching ability, journalism education, and contributions to maintaining high standards within the profession. Deadline: 3/20/17

About the Author: Staff Writer for GrantWatch.com and Affiliate Sites.



Jazz for Peace™ Extends Grant Program to Include Artists and Musical Projects

For more than a decade, over 850 Outstanding Causes worldwide have benefited from the Jazz for Peace Foundation Empowerment Grant, which provides both a World Class Cultural Event in your city, on a date chosen by you, along with the staffing, event coordinating experience and expertise to help ”Grow your Empowerment Tree!”, leading them to historic events in the USA, Africa, India, Haiti, Brazil, Europe, Canada, Scandinavia, Nepal, Pakistan and Mexico.

Jazz for Peace

If you have an outstanding cause, or you are an artist or musical project, we have found that your road to sustainability includes all of the following:

1. We believe you need to expand your Donor and Support Base!

2. In addition, you need to thank, reward, honor and rejuvenate the supporters you already have.

3. You need more sponsors!

4. You could use some new and prestigious supporters.

5. You need more publicity and awareness.

6. And last but not least – you need to be better funded.

By assisting you in each of these areas Jazz for Peace grows what it calls an “Empowerment Tree” which provides a “Helpful Step Forward” for each grant recipient.

You may be wondering, how do I get this funding?

First, go to the homepage for Jazz for Peace and click on the tree to watch the introductory video!

Then contact them directly at info@jazzforpeace.org, or by phone: 646-709-2950 or Skype: JAZZMGMT to go over Step 1 of our Easy 3 Step process. You can find step 1 in article sources, below. 


GrantWatch.com currently lists a domestic grant from the Jazz for Peace Foundation for a USA nonprofit to host a jazz concert. 

Fundraising and Publicity Opportunity for Nonprofits to Host a Cultural Event in their City or Town

Deadline: Ongoing

Here are some additional grants for jazz musicians:

Grants to Canada Musicians & Bands for Popular Music Performances at International Events

Deadline: Ongoing

Grants to Canada Companies and Artists to Create Music Videos for TV and Online Broadcast

Deadline 1: 09/08/16; Deadline 2: 11/03/16

Grants to USA, Canada, and International Nonprofit Music Organizations for Contemporary Music

Deadline: 09/15/2016

So, if you’re a musician or a national or international nonprofit, consider applying for some of the grants mentioned above. For more information and help searching for grants, contact the GrantWatch.com office at (561)249-4129. 

About the Author: Debra R. Cerritelli has been senior event coordinator at Jazz for Peace for more than 12 years and is the author of Jazz for Peace – “A Convenient Truth”.