Learn to Write Grants With Giving 2.0

Do you want to get inside the mind of a philanthropist? 

Then the Coursera platform hosts a wonderful opportunity for you!  This course provides excellent knowledge and practice for grant writers looking to understand how givers think. If you are a current student or prospective grant writer, then don't miss this opportunity to understand the mind of the other side. 

grantNews.pressGiving 2.0 is a course that has been developed by social entrepreneur and philanthropist, Laura Arrilaga-Andressen. It's based on her bestselling book, Giving 2.0.

The best way to describe this course is the essential fundamentals of grant writing and a project to test one's skills. According to the Coursera platform, Giving 2.0 is a Stanford University sponsored free online philanthropy course intended to teach prospective philanthropists, the effective methods of giving.

This Massively Open Online Course (MOOC) is a comprehensive tool that teaches aspiring philanthropists how to create a high-impact philanthropic strategy, volunteer more effectively, and use existing, free technology. Grant writers and fundraisers need insight into the philanthropic process in order to tailor their grant proposals to the needs and concerns of the funding source.

As a participant in this course, I can say that encouraging giving is not an easy task and it's important to understand the mindset of the grant giving philanthropist. This course teaches why volunteering is at the heart of nonprofits. It's important to consider the audience, the stakeholders involved in the organization and the objectives of the grant. This course is fabulous knowledge for those who want to become better marketers with their grant proposals.

Learning how philanthropists give is valuable and I'd argue a necessity for those learning how to write grants for nonprofit organizations. Learning to become a grant writer is learning how to encourage and sell with words your amazing program to foundations and government agencies. The best way to understand this is to learn how and why people give to specific non-profits. 

Philanthropists have a process much like the writers. When I was enrolled in this course, there was an incredible opportunity to interview and research a nonprofit, and write a proposal for your peers enrolled in the same course, to review and rate. The best proposals received grants for the organization from the Learning by Giving Foundation. This course is produced by the Laura Arrillaga-Andressen Foundation, dedicated to improving your giving.

When applying for a grant you must carefully review the eligibility and the description of the types of programs the funding source is willing to fund.  A great online subscription resource for available grants is GrantWatch.com, Below are some excerpts from the website representative of how they describe the details of each grant.

GrantWatch.com clearly displays the types of programs a foundation or government agency is willing to fund and the complete eligibility for  more than 14,000 current and archived funding opportunities, awards and contracts for nonprofits, small businesses and municipalities.

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About the Author: Christopher Waldeck recently graduated from Florida State University with his Master's degree in Media/Communication Studies. He is a Linkedin Goodwill Global Ambassador where he helps connect people with numerous networking opportunities. He has completed over 900 hours of volunteer service to the community.