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Partner with CBS TV
Educate for Your Cause!

CBS Community Partnerships, a national sales division of CBS Television Stations specializes in developing and executing cause marketing and public awareness campaigns as well as corporate social responsibility initiatives. We help government entities and/or non-profit organizations and their partners create campaigns to promote behavior change while being good stewards of their funds and meeting grant deliverables. By utilizing our CBS resources including research, production and multi-media platforms including our digital properties, we are able to maximize your public awareness and cause marketing efforts.


Have you ever thought of using broadcast TV and digital to increase awareness of your initiative? Did you think TV is too expensive?  CBS Community Partnerships works with your organization’s budget to maximize your funds so that more of your budget goes towards disseminating your message through our CBS multi-media platforms.  We do our best to offset the cost through various ways when applicable; production, research, script writing, inventory, etc.


Founded for the purpose of helping government entities and grant recipients with education and outreach/marketing initiatives, CBS has helped execute various campaigns.  We partnered with the Department of Agriculture in Illinois and Colorado on their Specialty Crops Block Grant initiatives and have developed solid relationships in that area and continue to be a part of the “buy local” and “support local farmers” through these programs.


CBS Community Partnerships  is dedicated  to helping educate the public on health prevention, buy local, education of under-served communities, veteran, animal, environmental, state, local and federal initiatives.


Illinois Specialty Block Grant Campaign A most recent joint project between the Illinois Department of Agriculture and CBS Community Partnerships. The campaign titled “Illinois Where the Fresh Is” educated and encouraged consumers to buy locally produced specialty crops, stimulated better nutritional choices and changed consumers purchasing habits. This behavior change resulted in keeping monies in the State and enhancing the competitiveness of specialty crops. CBS Community Partnerships tailored the marketing campaign specifically to the time when these specialty crops are at their peak, in the spring and summer.


Colorado Proud

Colorado Proud, a program of the Colorado Department of Agriculture in partnership with CBS Community Partnerships, promoted food and agricultural products that are grown, raised or processed in Colorado. Colorado agriculture contributes more than $40 billion annually to the State’s economy and provides more than 170,000 jobs. Colorado has more than 36,000 farms and ranches encompassing 31 million acres – nearly half the State’s total land.


Using our research and production, CBS was able to help the Colorado Department of Agriculture and those who worked closely with agriculture to get the message out about their cause. We helped promote healthier eating habits as well as encouraging people to eat locally to ensure that they were eating from quality sources. By buying locally grown, raised and processed food and agricultural products, the message was, “You are receiving high quality fresh products and helping Colorado's economy: the local farmers, ranchers, greenhouses, manufacturers and processors in your area.”


Other Partnerships

Other partnerships include State and Local agencies and organizations where there is a need to promote prevention and awareness in the following categories; Health, STEM Education, Affordable Children’s Insurance, Drug Prevention, Drug Overdose Prevention, Safety in the Summer, Child Safety Belts and so much more.  We have partnered with organizations and agencies on the marketing and communication portion of RFP’s to help disseminate information of their services and promote action and behavior change.


CBS Community Partnerships has grown considerably over the past eight years and we continue to educate and train our teams so we understand the national and local issues and the needs of those organizations we are helping. With our services, it’s possible for nonprofits to secure grants and grow their audience specifically for regions, whether rural or urban.


How it works

CBS Community Partnerships meets with your teams and maps out a strategic plan that addresses your initiatives. We use our software and research to help target audience demographics, viewing habits, audience profiles, etc. to help organizations extend their message utilizing our best media platform. We also develop creative through our production teams and offer this as in-kind where it is applicable. and CBS Community Partnerships

CBS is poised to work with many markets across the country within our CBS owned and Operated properties where we can help reach their desired audience. The database allows us to browse grants that we might not have known about, but would work well with specific cause initiatives. We combine our extensive research with GrantWatch’s diverse database, to serve our organization’s needs.


If you have a cause and you are looking for ways to reach your intended audience then CBS Community Partnerships is an amazing opportunity for you. It allows for you to reach the specific audience with advanced research, marketing analytics, and production to craft superb content for the desired medium that you are aiming to accomplish. You can find grants to aid with these specific causes at GrantWatch.


At CBS, we are committed to making a difference through prevention and awareness messaging.  We endeavor to help you save on the production/research so that your funding goes towards the airtime for the actual promotion of your important cause.  We leverage our CBS owned and operated TV and Digital properties to find the best place to promote your campaign and ignite change through carefully produced creative.   


About the Author: Vicky Belle is the marketing executive at CBS TV Community Partnerships with over 20 years in the TV, Radio, and Internet industry with a background in both buying and selling media, as well as writing and producing commercials. Vicky can be reached at (617) 787-7378