We are Thanking Veterans with a 10% Rebate Check and Personal Recognition!

memorial dayVeterans are near and dear to our hearts. We appreciate and are grateful for our safety and security within our borders.

For Memorial Day, we are excited to sponsor a special rebate program.  From May 21 through May 31, 2015, all veteran related nonprofits, veteran owned small businesses, and/or an individual veteran that subscribes to GrantWatch.com for either a six (6) month or (1) one year membership will receive a 10% rebate check!

GrantWatch.com posts new grant opportunities for veterans, their families and related associations to the Veterans’ category. Subscribers stay up-to-date with the newest funding sources throughout the USA. 

If you are not a veteran, during this opportune time, consider – gifting a veteran friend or veteran organization with this special offer.

In addition, our founder and CEO, Libby Hikind looks forward to personally saying, “Thank you for serving!” 

Send your details to special@grantwatch.com, and you will receive both your rebate check and personal contact with Libby.  Best wishes for a meaningful Memorial Day.  GrantWatch.com salutes you!

Instructions for Receiving Your 10% Rebate Check and “Thank You” from Libby

1.      Subscribe to GrantWatch.com for either six (6) months or (1) one year by clicking: https://www.grantwatch.com/plans.php

2.      Send to special@grantwatch.com

a.      Your GrantWatch.com user name (email address on the account).

b.      The full name and address where to send the rebate check and thank you note.

c.       Proof of your veteran or current serving status (veteran nonprofits or small business should send a link to their website and/or mission statement).

d.      The first and last name that appears on the credit card used to purchase the  subscription.

Thank you for joining GrantWatch.com!  We are honored to help you!

Uhelpfund Launch!

youtube-logo (1)It is time to dust off your not yet funded grant applications!

In May, you will be able to take your pending proposals and synergize them with crowdfunding.  Through Uhelpfund.com Enjoy the Power of Giving. Decide which project to fund through small donations that will collectively add up to the sum needed. 

Prepare to start the process by gathering pictures and video clips in anticipation of the crowdfunding of your project.  We have crowdfunding mentors through GrantWriterTeam.com that will help you transpose your proposal to the Uhelpfund platform. From design to final publish, we can assist with the socializing of your project.

We are all happily introducing the Grand Opening of Uhelpfund!

GrantWatch.com – THE BLOG

blogWelcome to GrantWatch.com's New Blog!  

This blog is the place to discuss new and exciting grants that are posted daily on GrantWatch.com as well as helpful information for you to get the grants you need to succeed! 

For those of you who are not familiar with GrantWatch.com, here's a brief description of our website.

GrantWatch.com is the only website to post federal, state, city, local and foundation grants in one place.  Grants are categorized by type and constantly updated.  All our grants are current.  Expired grants are archived.  New grants are posted daily. Organizations can sign up for free to receive a weekly email of new grants posted.  If they link to GrantWatch.com through Twitter they will receive instant updates of new grants as well.

Grant writers at GrantWatch.com spend hours researching grants for this website.  They read through grants and publish all the information needed for an executive director to determine if their organization is eligible for the funding opportunity. Typically, the instructions for a government grant can exceed 30 pages and often-times nonprofits miss submission deadlines and/or deadlines for submitting question and answers, letters of intent and pre-application webinars.  All posts on GrantWatch.com include the important grant information, applications, deadlines and contact person information.

No other grant website is as comprehensive as GrantWatch.com in providing the full details of  both government and foundation grants for a low subscription price.  We are proud to say that no other grant website updates as often as GrantWatch.com.

All our grants are current and legitimate. There are no scams on our website.  We welcome anyone interested to tour our archives for free!

Enjoy this site! And, if you have any questions or comments, we'd love to hear from you!