Is My Nonprofit Eligible for a Jazz for Peace™ Grant?

Does My Organization Qualify for a Jazz for Peace Grant?

Before you ask whether or not your organization is eligible for a Jazz for Peace Grant, the answer is most likely “YES!”  Jazz for Peace has awarded over 850 grants since its inception in 2001. It has awarded all types of internationally recognized organizations from UNICEF and Red Cross to smaller organizations like TEAM 4 and Habitat for Humanity. What unites these diverse organizations in their eligibility for a Jazz for Peace Grant, is their solidarity of humanitarian purpose: improving society and environment in every aspect—education, health, poverty, natural resources, and much more. 

If your organization, established or start-up, promotes humanitarian empowerment in any way, then your group is absolutely qualified for Jazz for Peace funding!

What is Jazz for Peace?

The Jazz for Peace Foundation is an internationally acclaimed grant donor that funds, and helps to raise funds, for other groups promoting social causes.  Jazz for Peace aims to provide sustainable funding for nonprofit organizations that want to expand their donors, sponsors, and supporters, as well as their publicity, awareness, and funding. 

Jazz for Peace not only provides expert guidance and staffing for your fundraiser but the exposure needed to gain new supporters, volunteers, and donors! This foundation is 100% applicable to small, start-up nonprofit organizations, as Jazz for Peace aims to facilitate getting your organization off the ground and running smoothly with sustainable funding.

How Do I Apply for the Jazz For Peace Grant?

To find out how to complete the specific requirements and instructions in order to successfully apply for your Jazz for Peace Grant, visit “” Jazz for Peace helps all organizations “… to get where they are going,” so NO NONPROFIT IS TOO SMALL or too unknown to receive sustainable funding. 

Grant Writing

To secure any grant takes time, initiative, and attention to detail! It is therefore important to hire a grant writer to make sure your organization presents itself accurately and uniquely to your potential grant donor. 

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What if My Organization Does Not Qualify for the Jazz For Peace Grant?

Applying for grants is extremely competitive. Not receiving a grant does not mean your organization is not eligible or deserving.  Rather, your organization may need to work on its application, its project proposal, or simply go to YouHelp and crowdfund for its musical program.

Uhelpfund helps nonprofit organizations and small businesses search and successfully receive funding from a wide range of donors and supporters through crowdfunding. 

Contact our team of grant research experts online, or call us today at 561-249-4129, to receive more information on how to successfully apply for grants for your organization!

Recent Jazz for Peace Grant recipients:

The American Red Cross – “Haiti Relief” in NYC & “Give Peace A Chance” 

IRCO – Benefit for Immigrant & Refugee Community Org. in Portland, OR

UNICEF  –  Peace Week in Rwanda, Africa

Caritas Santa Suzana – Fundraiser for Homeless Children Sao Paulo, Brazil

Habitat for Humanity – Event at Peery’s Egyptian Theatre in Utah 

New Life Ministries of Pakistan – Concert to promote children’s literacy.

Special Olympics – Boise, Idaho & Sun Valley

TEAM 4 – Concert to address bullying in schools of California (first fundraiser)

About the Author: John De Angelis is the Grant Administrator for Jazz for Peace. John promotes the use of Jazz as a universal language; to spread peace through “Jazz For Peace Concerts” worldwide.

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  1. We are a jazz/Syrian folk music band based in NY. Our music blends jazz and folk sounds. our subject matter is mostly about peace and about love stories. I most likely qualify for this grant. please send me the requirements.