My Grant Views Page – Created Just for You

GrantWatch just created a page you can only see when logged in: My Grant Views. This new page  allows you to see a list of all the grants you viewed with the most recent grant first. Your research will now be saved in a clear, sortable, easy-to-view list with deadlines as well as conference and LOI dates.

A red star tells you if a conference attendance or LOI submission is mandatory for the grant application. To our knowledge, if there is no red star and the conference/LOI date has passed, you can still apply for the grant. (Do not take our word for it, as funding sources have the prerogative of changing their minds.)

You can click the Grant ID# anytime and access the complete grant detail page, where a paid subscriber can obtain the eligibility information, contact instructions and funding source URL to review and apply for the grant. Of course, a Memberplus+ paid subscriber sees a lot more information on the My Grant Views page than a nonpaid member. Nevertheless, anyone logged in can see their very own research list.

But don't fret! Even if you haven't yet paid for a subscription, you are still building a grant list. When you fully subscribe, all the information will be available.  

The My Grant Views page is the pre-cursor to the My Grants Calendar page. Soon, you will be able to click an "add to calendar" button and start building your very own funding calendar, complete with a notes section for each grant.  

We listen very carefully to all our subscribers’ comments and needs. GrantWatch was built by grant writers for grant writers and grant seekers. 

Please keep those comments and calls coming. Our mission is to do our very best for the grant-seeking community. 

About the Author: Libby Hikind is the Founder and CEO of GrantWatch.