$25,000 Grants Announced for Social Impact

International grants and awards are available to USA, Canada and International individuals who are devoted to certain initiatives of social responsibility. Nonprofit organizations, NGO's and charities who succeed in improving the lives of children are eligible for awards starting at $25,000 USD. These funds will provide the resources necessary to maintain current programs and advance the honorable initiatives which succeed in enriching young lives. These grants will ensure continued growth and advance practices of healthy development for children around the world. 

Grants which encourage the continued research and application of psychology to improve social issues have also been announced in the name of positive social impact. These mental health grants range from $10,000 to $20,000 USD and are made available to USA, Canada and International scholars who utilize the research, knowledge and application of psychology to improve social issues. These grants will ensure advancement in the field of psychology, providing researchers with the ability to continue studies of psychology and its' connection to improved physical and behavioral health. 

With this encouragement of positive social influence on a global level, children of tomorrow are being given the best chance to succeed and experience a life of positive mental health. Expect to see continued developments in how psychology can improve health and facilitate positive change within individuals, families and communities. Such awards for social impact foster a healthier future for society as a whole and ignite hope for the children who will shape our future.

The aforementioned grants are available to USA, Canada and International individuals in support of positive social impact. Nonprofit organizations, NGO's and charities who proactively improve the lives of children and/or utilize psychology to improve social issues are eligible to apply. 

The deadline to apply for Grants to USA, Canada, and International Scholars for Psychology Research that Solves Social Problems is 4/1/2017.

The deadline to apply for Awards to the USA, Canada and International Individuals for Exceptional Dedication to Improving Children's Lives is 4/1/2017.

About the Author: Staff Writer for GrantWatch and affiliate sites