And the School-year Begins

Fall is fast approaching and with it, the school year. Teachers, educators, and academics can find grants at These may help enhance or improve classroom curricula, fund field trips, and improve arts and environmental education. You will also find awards for outstanding educators at

What Teachers Love

Teachers usually have a favorite part of their daily teaching activities. For Libby Hikind, our Founder and CEO, a retired NYC public school teacher, her favorite activity was reading to children. For my mother, also a retired teacher, it was the joy of a child’s improvement. For other teachers, it could be other things. GrantWatch provides you with grants and awards to assist you in expanding your favorite activities and results.


You will find grants for teachers to help improve or enhance literacy, reading, math, science, social studies, and other skills among students. Check out some of the following awards and grants:


Awards to USA and Canada K-12 Teachers to Acknowledge Outstanding Classics Teaching

Deadline: 09/09/16

Awards to USA Teachers for Outstanding Environmental Education for Grades K-12

Deadline: 09/14/16


Grants to Clark County, Nevada K – 12 Teachers to Enhance the Classroom Curriculum

Deadline: 09/12/16

Grants to Idaho Art Teachers for Continuing Education to Develop Curricula and Assessments

Deadline: 09/12/16

Grants to USA K-12 Schools for Field Trips to a Delaware Art Museum

Deadline 1: 09/12/16; Deadline 2: 12/12/16

Today I Made a Difference

For further reading, check out Today I Made a Difference: A Collection of Inspirational Stories from America's Top Educators by Joseph W. Underwood. This book highlights the stories of top educators in the United States. Each story is about an obstacle that was overcome, a source of internal power to persevere, and reward. Read this book for inspiration to make a difference, as an educator.

Go to for your grant needs. There, you will find grants and awards for educators to improve classroom performance. For questions, contact or call (561)249-4129. 

About the Author: Sabeen is a Masters in Public Health. She is currently writing for and its affiliate websites.