Are You a Grant Search Sleuth?

Are you a grant writer searching for grants? Does it feel like looking for a needle in a haystack? Hone your detective skills at There is a secret search method you may not be aware of.  

There are numerous ways in which you can maximize the searching capabilities at This article is important to any grant writer from GrantWriterTeam who was given a free complimentary GrantWatch subscription, or anyone interested in becoming a GrantWatch MemberPlus+ subscriber. 

First, for anyone searching for grants, the NEVER BE WITHOUT is a current subscription.  You do not want to miss the latest grants for nonprofits and small businesses. This week on we have posted 512 NEW funding opportunities (GRANT APPLICATIONS, RFPs, AWARDS, and CONTRACTS) from foundations, corporations, federal, state and local governments: You can choose from the following subscription possibilities.  

The year-long subscription is the best monetary value, because it averages to only $16 per month. 

Once you’ve become a MemberPlus+, begin your search by narrowing your state. You do this by clicking Change Location, then selecting your state, country, or region. After you’ve done this, look to the categories listed to the right of the screen. These categories can help you search for specific grants. For instance, if you are a school looking for grants for your elementary-aged children, you can choose the Elementary Education category. 

Now, are you ready for the secret? GrantWatch has a specific way to search for grants by keyword. Just click on Search for a Grant in the navigation bar. A new screen should open where you see the option to search for a grant using Grant Interest, Geographic Focus, or Grant Funding Source. Below this, additional boxes will be open (for MemberPlus+). You should see “Advance Search.” Click on it and wait for the following boxes to appear: Keyword Search, GrantWatch ID, Deadline From, Deadline To, and a small box to check off if you want to include ongoing grants in your search.


In the keyword search box, you enter words or phrases relevant to your search. For instance, if you are looking for grants for sustainable farming, after you have looked through the Farming/Agriculture category, fully clear all the drop downs except location.  Now, click Search for a Grant and in the Keyword box enter 'farm' as a key word.  

Using keywords specifies your search for any grant that has that word anywhere on the grant detail age.  

If in one of your searches, you only see archived grants – send us your search parameters and we will send it to our research department to see if the grants have a new cycle. We do not generally recommend using the categories together with the keyword because if you narrow the search too much you may miss a grant. itself is a tremendous tool. With the keyword search, it becomes a tool for investigative detective work. This is because not only do we have grant researchers reading RFP’s to categorize the grant listing, but the automated advance search functionality allows the search of any term. 

So, if you’re a grant writer who is a grant search sleuth, use for your grant search needs. 

About the Author: Sabeen is an MPH and currently writing for and its affiliated websites.