Be The Change Agent

A nonprofit is set up with a purpose in mind. Before you create and develop programs, you need to determine the needs of your community as it relates to the mission of your nonprofit. Where do you start? 

  • Speak to community leaders
  • Speak with your target audience
  • Distribute a survey
  • Ask questions at community meetings 
  • Look at the community stats
  • Speak with the editor of the local newspaper 
  • Hold a planning session breakfast with professionals that may eventually support your project 

All these efforts should be documented because you will place them in the needs section of your grant application(s). In the Needs section of  your grant, you might use a sentence like below with the information you gleaned form your survey or meetings that led your organization to develop the proposed program.

There is a strong need for … to ….  This need was identified through a  survey of … conducted  on … to determine  if their current needs for … was being met. The results are as follows.

Nonprofits looking to be the "change agent" in their community should subscribe to to find the most current grants and funding opportunities.

Small business that want to sponsor community interventions can also find grants on our sister site,, or on the small business category on

Small businesses may want to:

  • Forge relationships with nonprofits in your community
  • Offer incentives to your employees about giving back
  • Offer your own volunteer services
  • Publicize your actions to propel others to do the same

By successfully winning a grant and implementing programming, a small business will not only play an active part in the community but make a name for itself. This could attract new loyal customers to your business. 

Individuals can choose to make an impact on their community, too. There are grants for individuals wanting to implement improvements in their surroundings. These grants are a great example of how:

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." -Mahatma Gandhi

If you want to see something improve, go out and get it done! Start by subscribing to and searching for grants. We also list awards for outstanding individuals serving their community.

So, whether you are a nonprofit, small business or individual, you can make an impact in your community through grants. Start the New Year off right. Search for grants on 

About the Author: Libby Hikind is the Founder and CEO of


2 thoughts on “Be The Change Agent

  1. How can we list our need for a grant writer? Is there a cost to Non profit 501c organizations? If so what is the cost? We need someone who is willing to volunteer to write grants for our historical organization.

    • Hello Aleasa! Thank you for leaving your comment. We have a sister-site called where you can request a contract grant writer for hire. There is a $50 administrative fee for the processing of the request and once you are linked with a grant writer, they work for anywhere from $40-75 per hour. The great thing about grant writers from GrantWriterTeam is that they have experience and specialties. Here is the link to request a writer for your historical organization: