Grant Focus: Kickstarting Great Schools With Accelerate Great Schools


Every student is capable of greatness & deserves the chance to attain it by attending a great school. With this goal, Accelerate Great Schools is investing in district, public-charter & parochial schools in Cincinnati with the goal of quadrupling the number of seats available at high performing schools in The Queen City.


Winning Education GrantsFounded less than a year ago, Accelerate Great Schools has just awarded its first grant, joining dozens of grant-offering organizations investing in schools across the world.

The $1.3 million Accelerate Great Schools' grant to Seton Education Partners will allow Seton to transform and introduce a blended learning model at two Archdiocese of Cincinnati schools, St. Francis de Sales in Walnut Hills and St. Cecilia in Oakley. This model uses technology, creative problem-solving and nationwide collaboration to improve the academic performance of students and reduce school operating costs.

During the 2014-15 school year 80% of students at one of the diocese schools using the blended learning model, made one or more years of progress in math while 74 % made one or more years of progress in reading outpacing the national average by 30% and 24% respectively.

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Blended learning, where students spend part of the day in the traditional classroom and part of the day learning online, provides individualized instruction and digital competency to students while still attending a "brick-and-mortar" school structure with face-to-face classroom time.

Accelerate Great Schools is currently accepting new grant applications from individuals and organizations with a desire to positively influence K-12 education in Cincinnati. has grants for elementary, secondary  and post-secondary education in states across the nation and around the world.

About the Author: Patrick Herrel is the CEO of Accelerate Great Schools. Herrel brings a passion for education and a goal of creating 4,800 new high-performing seats in great schools throughout Cincinnati in five years.