Health Benefits of Puppy Yoga

GrantWatch recently learned something new and exciting about the world of cute and cuddly: puppy yoga (though goat yoga was pretty adorable too). Puppy yoga is the cutest way to relax and gain some much-needed self-awareness.

What is puppy yoga and why is it so good for both physical and mental health? Imagine a typical yoga class (also known as Vinyasa) where puppies roam the room and assist with poses. In some cases, shelter dogs and/or outside dogs are integrated into the class to encourage pet adoption, adding a little more cuteness to the session. Regarding dog adoption, there’s more good news to share.

We already know yoga is good for the brain, the body and even the soul. Here’s some even better news: you can also achieve tension by adopting one of those adorable little pups. Time Magazine published an article in which they cite a 2015 Harris Poll that highlights the physical health benefits of having a dog in your life:

“95% of owners think of their animal as a member of the family. About half buy them birthday presents. And it's a two-way street. People who have pets tend to have lower blood pressure, heart rate and heart-disease risk than those who don't. Those health boons may come from the extra exercise that playing and walking require, and the stress relief of having a steady best friend on hand.”

As for the mental health benefits, Time identifies pet therapy as a widespread addition to traditional medicine in hospitals, especially children's hospitals (most of which have some type of animal program). Time Magazine claims, “Animals of many types can help calm stress, fear and anxiety in young children, the elderly and everyone in between.”
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About the Author: Lianne Hikind is a staff writer for GrantWatch.