Nominate Amazing Individuals for a 2016 World of Children Award

Nominate the founder or CEO of a nonprofit, NGO, or charity for a World of Children Award, worth a minimum of $50,000 before April 1st, 2016. 

If your nonprofit promotes life-changing work for humanitarian causes for children, without exclusive ties to any specific religion or political agenda, you may qualify for this prestigious award.

Does My Organization Qualify for a World of Children Award?

Your organization must aim to uphold a humanitarian cause toward children, especially vulnerable children, to qualify for the World of Children (WOC) grant award.  Your organization must demonstrate its philanthropy toward children’s humanitarian issues in your grant application, as well as in your 10-year track record (3 years for the Youth Award).  There are 5 awards for which your nonprofit may qualify, though you may apply for only one each year: Education, Health, Humanitarian, Protection, and Youth. The Education, Health, Humanitarian, and Protection Awards include a minimum $50,000 grant and the Youth Awards include a minimum $25,000 grant.  The nominee must be able to attend the Annual Awards Ceremony in NYC on October 27, 2016. 

What is World of Children Organization?

WOC is the only major, international funding program that champions solely children’s humanitarian issues, such as health and education. WOC has donated more than $7 million in cash grants and program support to over 100 Honorees—all toward programs dedicated to children’s humanitarian causes.  If your organization has a similar mission: to help children across the world—then you may qualify for this grant. Nominations close 11:59PM, April 1, 2016.

How Do I Apply?

Find and apply for this grant/award, and many similar awards, at  

One of the most common reasons a nonprofit is declined for a grant is not following the instructions for the application.  Hiring a grant writer ensures your organization will complete the grant in a timely, accurate manner.

What if My Organization Does Not Qualify for World of Children Award?

What if your organization has not been active for 10 years, or up to 3 for the Youth Award?  You may still apply for more diverse grants, and align your organization with other donors’ missions, too! Consult a team of professional grant writers whom can successfully apply your organization to many grants while you focus on championing your mission statement.  There are plenty of awards waiting to be accepted, even for lesser known nonprofits.

More Tips to Apply for Awards!

There are many ways to fundraise and campaign, besides applying strictly for grants.  In fact, crowdfunding is one of the best ways to raise money and support for a number of missions, including your organization’s specific mission.  You may also find grants and government contracts to help your small business succeed in its humanitarian cause. Sign up on Call us today at 561-249-4129 to consult our team of expert grant researchers!