Twenty-two Grants Awarded by United Way

Recently, the United Way announced a grand total of $232,500 in grant money awarded to local nonprofit organizations in Berks County, Pennsylvania for health and human service programs, education, health and safety-net services. At, we list corporate, foundation and government grants and awards for community service coordination, disaster relief, health and medical, and many other categories. 

The United Way of Berks County, Pennsylvania, grants were awarded in 3 categories:

  1. Rapid Response
  2. Venture
  3. Live United

The operations of the United Way are a great example of how working nonprofits can successfully find funding through grants.

The Rapid Response grants were for nonprofit health and human services organizations that went through sudden financial changes that threatened to halt their services to the community. A total of $125,000 in Rapid Response grants were distributed to different organizations.

The Venture grants were one-time grants for organizations that provided services for low-income people or areas. These grants helped fund new or expanding programs. A total of $75,000 in Venture grants were distributed.

Live grants were one-time grants for newly formed organizations that were looking to create change in order to improve the lives of county residents. These were each up to $5,000. A total of $32,500 in Live grants were distributed to grassroots organizations.

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About the Author: Sabeen has a Masters in Public Health and is currently writing for and its affiliated websites.