Why Your Organization Needs to Hire A Grant Writer

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Applying for a grant can be exciting and overwhelming. You must complete organizational and federal requirements including 501(c)3 status. To alleviate some of the stress associated with a grant application, hire a grant writer from GrantWriterTeam.com. They can help to accurately represent your organization’s need and proposed allocation of funds within a grant application.

Why Your Organization Needs to Hire A Grant Writer

When your staff cannot professionally research, write, and complete grant proposals, your organization must hire a grant writer.  Grant writers assist nonprofits, small businesses, government agencies, and individuals, with a variety of services.

Grant Writers may assist your organization in the following ways:

Researching for grant prospects: Locating federal, state & local grants; and Finding foundation grants and contracts.

Grant writing: Writing proposal narratives; Developing budgets; Researching the needs of the target population; Completing needs assessments; and Researching literature for best practices.

Evaluating programs: Preparing evaluation reports, and Monitoring quality assurance.

Crowdfunding: Developing crowdfunding campaigns for: Entrepreneurs, Nonprofits, Teachers and students, Artists, Inventors, Researchers, Start-ups, Social movements, Sports teams, Social media strategies, Fundraising materials, and Identifying perks for contributors.

Developing business plans: Evaluate business needs; Develop marketable programs, and Identify venture or angel funding.

Writing and developing curriculum: Educational surveys; Research existing curricula; and Writing age-appropriate curriculum.

How to Hire a Grant Writer

Complete a request for a grant writer and we will send your request to highly skilled and experienced professional grant writers. There is a $50 administrative fee for the submission. We will keep you and your company anonymous.

The grant writers will respond with bids for your project; a brief description of their experience and expertise; a list of awarded grants; and writing samples. After you accept one grant writer – the grant writer will be given your contact information and he/she will contact you via phone or email. Together, you and the grant writer will be able to set up an online contract and a series of deliverables for your project.

When the contract email is sent to you – log in and click the link.  With the contract (on the bottom of the page), you will be able to review the grant writer’s full resume and two references. After you approve the contract, you pay the agreed-upon small retainer (through the grantwriterteam.com portal), and your grant writer will start your project. Want to include a task after all deliverables are complete? Simply ask your grant writer to add a new deliverable and approve it. (Always pay the grant writer through the portal, never through an invoice from them – this way you can immediately get the support of our company – and do not wait – call us about anything – we want to hear questions, comments, and praise!)

Get exactly what you paid for:

We have a great system to ensure that you always get what you paid for and are able to review parts of the work, as completed. When a deliverable is completed, the grant writer will enter the completion date into the deliverable and it will trigger an email to you, that it is ready and how to pay the deliverable.

Within one hour after payment (through our portal) our grant writers are instructed to provide you with the completed deliverable document via email.  If you do not receive it (after checking your spam, junk or clutter files) call us – do not wait!

If at any time you need an additional grant writer (your chosen writer is in the middle of one of your assignments) or you want to change writers mid-stream, you will have ALL your paid for work in your possession.  We consider you part of our family and we will clone your original request, (allow you to update it), and then we will send it out to all our writers.  We will not charge you the administrative fee.

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How Much Do Grant Writers Cost?

Grant writing fees vary according to the grant writer’s experience and expertise, including the economy of the location where the grant writer resides.


Grant writers set their own hourly fees, they start at $40 an hour and up, for research, writing, and curriculum development.

Flat Fee:

When you present the name of a grant and the URL of a grant application in your request for a grant writer, the grant writer will provide a flat rate for the “entire project”. You can list up to four grants in your request. You may also write in your request that you would like a bid of a flat fee for research for a specific number of hours, crowdfunding, curriculum writing or a business plan.

So, now that you know how to hire a grant writer, what are you waiting for?

AND REMEMBER: Customer support at GrantWriterTeam is here to assist you through the entire hiring and working process.  We have highly skilled professionals. Do not bypass the system. Always pay the grant writer through the portal, never through an invoice from them – this way if there is any issue, you can immediately get the support of our company. Any Questions? Reach us at (561) 249-4129 today!


About the Author: Libby Hikind is the Founder and CEO of GrantWriterTeam.com. A former grant writer herself, she presently mediates organizations and grant writers to accomplish each of their goals and missions.