Branding Your Nonprofit

Establishing your brand, whether that brand is a company, foundation, nonprofit or small business, is absolutely vital to securing continued success. Most nonprofits have a distinct, niche audience, as they are dedicated to a specific cause or mission. Promote the positive actions and aspirations of your nonprofit to online and offline networks to ensure your audience is engaged and inspired. Efforts and accomplishments of community service, healthcare, education, preservation or other socially relevant missions should be shared on social media channels and through email marketing campaigns.

"Build positive brand recognition with online presence and community outreach programs that foster an actively involved supporter base! Streamline your efforts and prepare to be impressed with the great power of branding for your nonprofit."Libby Hikind, Founder & CEO of

Branding for Nonprofits :  Developing Identity with IntegrityStrengthen the image of your nonprofit with positive social impact to secure the loyalty and word-of-mouth publicity among your audience. For instance, sending out an email marketing campaign announcing, "We have raised $5,000 for Families in Transition" will create a positive association with your brand. When receivers next hear the name of your nonprofit, they will instinctively feel an appreciation and be more likely to engage in the announcement. This helps to build a stronger, more engaged and larger network that will help to build up a larger community of followers for your cause and nonprofit.  

Supporters who are engaged and impressed with the work of your nonprofit are also far more likely to share your brand with their friends and family. >Click to Tweet<

Social media and email marketing is a great way to increase reach, build online and industry authority, publicize accomplishments, attract new supporters, publicize fundraising events or even host a contest! People who support your cause but haven't yet been able to volunteer will learn about your initiatives and remain motivated to become an active participant. This is how branding your nonprofit helps to convert online followers to real life supporters.                 The Constant Contact Guide to Email Marketing

When your network connections see and share your social media posts of positive accomplishment, they become an advocate of your organization. Email marketing campaigns should highlight the noteworthy, memorable accomplishments of your charity to build brand value and secure lasting, loyalty driven relationships with connections. These branding methods strengthen your network and open new doors of opportunity for your nonprofit.

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