Education for the 21st Century

Education is mired in the 19th Century. The only approach is to bring it into the 21st Century. This is more than a fresh approach. It is a paradigm shift.

Why substitute problem-based learning and authentic assessment for teaching to the test? Why substitute estimation for arithmetic and use a spreadsheet as the platform for math and science? Why postpone the alphabet until a child can read? If you're a nonprofit looking for support for children's education, consider searching for grants for elementary education at  

Tests try to predict what a student will do. Authentic Assessment shows what the student actually did. Arithmetic is a tedious demanding process that can result in math aversion and disability. Teach accurate estimation in everyday situations. If you need exact answers, use 21st Century technology to automate arithmetic, Use a spreadsheet so the child can concentrate on mathematics and Science. This will increase students in STEM. Find out how to fundraise for Science Education and STEM or Elementary Education on Uhelpfund. 

If you're a nonprofit looking for support for education, as well as thousands of grants for other social causes, check out at In fact, one deadline is approaching on 05/02/2016 for Grants to Central Ohio Nonprofits for the Well-Being and Education of Children. You can also search from math-related grants to grants that support elementary-aged children. 

I would like to reiterate to parents and educators: "Why postpone the alphabet until a child can read?" When children come to school reading and writing, what will you teach them? Search grants at to find support from thousands of donors to finance your organization's mission to bring education to the 21st century.

About the Author: Bob Zenhausern taught research and statistics in neuropsychology for 35 years until he left Academia for the non-profit world. He is CEO of the Enabling Support Foundation, a 501c(3) with a mission to facilitate organizations that support human development.