Fall Free Publicity Contest

GrantWatch.com is hosting a Fall Free Publicity Contest to promote replicable nonprofits and small businesses and their programs that serve the "greater good." We want nonprofits and small businesses around the globe to learn from your successes.

The prizes include FREE publicity for your company, gift cards to Starbucks and free subscriptions to GrantWatch.com!



First Place: FREE publicity – $75 gift card to Starbucks -free one-year subscription to GrantWatch.com worth $199!

Second Place: FREE publicity – $50 gift card to Starbucks -free six-month subscription to GrantWatch.com worth $150!

Third Place: FREE publicity – $25 gift card to Starbucks -free three-month subscription to GrantWatch.com worth $90!

Rules to Enter:

1) Like our GrantWatch.com Facebook page 

2) Share the contest post on your Wall 

3) Write an article about your organization and email it into SocialMedia@GrantWatch.com.

The published article with the most likes on Facebook over a 7-day period will win!  We will have second and third place winners as well.

All submissions are due on or before Friday, September 16, 2016. We will start publishing articles in the order they are received (even before that date) and we will notify the writer via email when their article is published. The full article will be published on one of our six websites.

Writers can share the link to our Facebook page – asking people to "Like My Article." Likes are counted on the article post on the GrantWatch Facebook page.

The complete contest ends on October 28, 2016. A winner will be announced October 31st!

How It Works:

In order to be published and promoted on our Facebook page, your article must pass our editorial board. We are only looking for 250 words and a picture to represent your organization or a logo. Starting Monday, September 5, 2016, we will publish one or many submissions per day. You will have one week (7 days to accumulate the most likes). After one week, additional likes WILL NOT be counted.

So for example, if your article is published and posted on our Facebook page on Tuesday, September 6, the tally for your likes will end on Tuesday, September 13. Any likes you accrue after this date will not be considered for the purposes of the contest. When your week is up, you will be notified of how many likes your article collected.

We may post multiple articles in one day. This means, your organization may go head-to-head with another organization. If you’re competitive, this is the contest for you!

Tallying for the final article will end October 28, 2016. A winner will be announced Monday, October 31st. Any articles submitted after September 9 will not be considered for the contest but we reserve the right to publish the article at a later date, if it passes our editorial board.