For the Love of Animals

Are you an animal lover? Is your favorite part of the day coming home to puppy snuggles and kitten kisses? If so, you’re far from alone. GrantWatch has profound appreciation for the impact animals have on the health and recovery of humans in need. We have seen first hand just how much an animal's love can help to heal even the most traumatic experiences.

Humans who have the love of an animal are scientifically proven to lead healthier, happier and more fulfilling lives. Animals have the ability to open our hearts and ease our suffering. It is heart-breaking to think that millions of these furry angels are in need of food, shelter and most importantly, love. Similarly, veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and various neurological challenges are also in need of service animals. This symbiotic relationship is the natural subject for many state, local, and federal grants. 

Animal welfare grants support the needs of animals, while enriching the quality of life for their human caregivers. lists grants for schools, nonprofits and preservation organizations that support animal health and empower individuals to overcome psychological challenges. We list grants that offer humane care for animals in need.

These incredible programs not only improve the physical and psychological health of the animals they place, but also help to provide relief and coping skills for their human companions. One of our new grant listings provides veterans and the disabled suffering from a range of other psychological challenges with assistance dogs. These service animals are proven to help our heroes through care, affection and companionship.  



Grants to USA Nonprofits and Agencies to Prevent Cruelty to Animals

Grants ranging from $500 to $10,000 to USA nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and law enforcement agencies for the elimination and prevention of animal cruelty. 


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GrantWatch: Your Source for Animal Welfare Grants

Grants for nonprofits which support emotional therapy for humans through interaction with animals is a topic we've discussed before on the GrantWatch Blog. This feature explores the exciting results of an initiative for children suffering from ADD and other behavioral challenges. Children with ADHD showed improvement on the GAF (Global Assessment of Functioning) scale after animal assisted psychotherapy.

There is a neurological connection triggered by touching the animal to the brain. It induces a soothing feeling or calming and mellow, euphoric state. 

                                                                                     –Nancy Fried at the Good Earth Farm     

Take a moment to explore the variety of animal welfare grants listed on today. With the love of animals, we all have the power to better ourselves, unite families and strengthen communities. 


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