Funding for First Responders

On Monday, April 25, two congressmen from opposite sides of New York found themselves fighting for the same cause. The congressmen wanted federal grant funding for first responders. According to the National First Responders Organization, a first responder is someone who runs toward an event, rather than away. This is because they are trained to handle emergency situations. First responders include police officers, firefighters, paramedics, and emergency medical technicians. has grants for first responders. 

How are first responders funded and where does the money go?

This is a good question. The federal government gives grants to states which then distribute the funds to these programs. The ODP, or Office of Domestic Preparedness, increased its funding by 1400% in the years following 9/11. Primarily, funding for first responders like firefighters comes from the State Homeland Security Grant Program (SHSGP). States must forward 80% of this money to local governments within 45 days. This money can go to assisting the works of the first responders by purchasing specialized equipment, covering planning and administrative costs, and covering exercise-related and training costs.

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Other grants for first responders             

Even with funding from the SHSGP, there may be gaps in finances for fire stations and police departments. These gaps can be filled by grants. To check out grants for first responders look at the following categories which can be found to the right of the home page of

Disaster Relief

Homeland and National Security


Homeland Security

To broaden your understanding of government and funding for first responders, read Homeland Security: Management of First Responder Grant Programs Has Improved, but Challenges Remain by the United States Government Accountability Office.

If you’re looking for funds for your state’s first responders, check out for the latest grants. Remember to check out the categories to the right of the screen to narrow your search. 

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