Get Funded: The GrantWatch Way


GrantWatch is a monumental source for nonprofits and small businesses. As an established organization, or one just starting up, you will find a wide variety of grants and awards on Each grant or award is thoroughly vetted to ensure accuracy and authenticity.


We have a team of researchers that locate the grants. They read the RFP’s and formulate a synopsis grant details page for you with the most needed information. The grant details page was designed to give you enough information to make the preliminary decision to apply for a grant. The GrantWatch detail pages are a great tool for development committees and boards of directors to review grants.

How to Get Funded: The GrantWatch Way

Step 1) Before using GrantWatch, you will want to have a good handle on your organization's mission statement, goals, program planning, and funding needs. It is important to be in possession of the organizations corporate papers, tax id #, and any special licenses or permits required of your organization. Determine the resources you will need; what does your organization already have, or expect from donations or contributions. What is needed to supplement your funding?

Step 2) Now you are ready for your GrantWatch subscription. Sign-Up and enter your information. Once you’re logged in, it will take you to our pricing and plans page where you can choose a weekly, monthly, quarterly, biannual, or annual subscription. Then, enter your information. Or, if you’d rather pay by check, click Check Payment Form and complete the information within the invoice, generated for you. Print and mail the invoice with your check.

Step 3) Narrow your search to your geographic location and grant interests.  Click Change Location in the navigation bar to the top of the screen. Then, check out the categories listed to the right of the homepage. The grants categories begin with Aging/Seniors and end with Youth/Out-of-School Youth. When you find a grant or grants of interest, write down the GrantWatch ID number. This will help you locate them later, within the website.

Step 4) Now, you’re ready to apply! Research, write and complete the grant application. Be sure to read the RFP(s) and be clear on who, where and when to submit your application. Remember, GrantWatch is not the funding source. If you have the skills within your organization, apply for the grant(s) on your own. If you need assistance, hire a grant writer through

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