GrantWatch’s New Video to Feature YOU!


Hi, everyone!

I am making a video to replace the one on GrantWatch’s About Page. This time, instead of featuring myself, I want to feature all of you! Send me a few seconds of a selfie video (from your iPhone, Galaxy, etc.) telling us how GrantWatch has positively affected your funding research. Give me your answer(s) to any of these questions in your own words:



  1. How long have subscribed to the website?
  2. What grants have you received using the GrantWatch database?
  3. How have we helped you?
  4. Just say something nice!

My video guy is coming in on Monday and I want a patchwork (montage) of all of you!

If you’re camera shy, just send me an email with your quotation and a picture; I will find a way to incorporate it into the video.

Please include your name and/or the name of your organization. Send the video (or the YouTube link, Google Drive or DropBox invitation, etc.) to or call 888-240-1494. 

I am eager to hear from you! 

Libby Hikind

Founder and CEO of

About the Author: Libby Hikind is the founder and CEO of