Impact 100 Grant for New Jersey Nonprofit

Every year, billions of dollars are raised and awarded for nonprofit organizations.  This money is raised with the intent of serving the community in a variety of ways, such as education, healthcare, and many other social services.  Nonetheless, many nonprofits around the world do not receive proper funding. 

Your organization should be able to find adequate funding for your mission.  Search thousands of grants on to find grants in your region, like this one: $145,000 Grant for Monmouth County, New Jersey Nonprofit by Impact 100 Jersey Coast. Conference date: 04/19/16, Deadline: 06/01/2016.

What is Impact 100?

Impact 100 Jersey Coast was founded by Deirdre Spiropoulos of Fair Haven and Heather Burke of Middletown. Rowena Crawford-Phillips introduces her coalition:

“Impact 100 offers its members a unique opportunity to learn more about the unmet needs in their community, and support, in a truly tangible, hands-on way, some of the many fantastic programs and projects helping to address those needs.”

This philanthropic, predominantly female, group has made a lot of traction, having spread to communities throughout the globe, with millions of dollars raised in grants to local, nonprofit organizations each year. Impact 100 is a dynamic coalition that aims to provide a forum to raise awareness toward our community’s most pressing needs. Specifically, in order to fund transformational grants for high-impact, innovative projects addressing those needs. As Rowena Crawford-Phillips, grants committee co-chair, explains,

“It is extremely inspiring on so many levels to be part of this women's giving circle. By bringing together so many philanthropically-minded women and pooling our resources to provide much needed, transformative funding to nonprofits, we believe we can make a meaningful difference and positive impact in our local community,”

The $145,000 Grant for ONE Monmouth County Nonprofit

Impact 100 is presently offering one grant, of $145,000, to a Monmouth County nonprofit that focuses around any of the following social causes:

  1. Arts and Culture: Projects or programs that develop greater artistic and cultural opportunities, and improve participation in the arts or arts education in our communities.
  2. Children and Families: Projects or programs that strengthen the lives of children and families in our communities.
  3. Education: Projects or programs that advance or improve learning opportunities for children and/or adults in our communities.
  4. Environment, Parks, and Recreation: Projects or programs that promote a positive and sustainable relationship between humans and their environment; preserve or enhance open and public spaces; or support environmental education and awareness in our communities.
  5. Health and Wellness: Projects or programs that improve the physical and/or mental well-being of people living in our communities.

Is Your Organization Eligible for the Impact 100 Grant?

Maggie LaRocca, co-chair of the grants committee, stated in the Two River Times:

“Eligible nonprofits must be registered 501(c)3 organizations, serve residents of Monmouth County and have been in operation for 36 months…Beyond that, we are looking for projects that target underserved populations, highlight unmet needs in our community and make a high impact on the beneficiaries.”

Again, project proposals must fall in one of the five, above stated, focus areas: Arts and Culture; Children and Families; Education; Environment, Parks, and Recreation; and Health and Wellness. Applications must be submitted online by June 1, 2016.

How to Apply for the Grant

For more information regarding the eligibility requirements and application process of this grant, visit the Impact 100 website today!

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About the Author: Staff Writer, with Contributions by Rowena Crawford-Phillips, Impact 100 New Jersey, grants committee co-chair.