Love Life Honor Peace

The GrantWatch family is with you, London!

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims, their friends, families and everyone affected by yesterday's attack in London. World leaders offer condolences and support. Big Ben has been lit up in red to honor the victims. The lights of the Eiffel Tower have been turned off in solidarity as the world mourns a shocking loss. The United States has offered Prime Minister, Theresa May our full support. 

Libby Hikind, CEO of has designed a replacement for the peace sign of the seventies.  Libby's vision includes doves of all nationalities, carrying olive branches with hearts and a full surrender flag. The design inspires an embrace of life, love and peace around the world.

Not all peoples are raised to love life and honor peace. Your organization and community can make the difference and become peace ambassadors. 

GrantWatch will be printing Love Life, Honor Peace shirts and will make them available to nonprofits to purchase in bulk. Nonprofits will be able to sell them and use the funds for community activities that promote peace and safety.  They will also be available as perks for crowdfunders on

Send an email demonstrating your interest in these shirts to and or comment below.  Share it out.

These horrific and devastating incidents remind us how fragile life can be. We live in a beautiful, yet often scary world. In just a moment, everything can change. This is why it is so important to be familiar with the security initiatives, procedures and resources of your local area. It is also crucial to have a safety plan in place for emergencies that tells your family know you are ok.

We have no way of knowing when emergencies will arrive and how they will affect us. The best thing we can do for ourselves and each other is to find love in our hearts, prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Your organization should plan, practice and prepare for emergency situations with security and safety grants listed on

GrantWatch Security and Safety Grants

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