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We asked what you like about GrantWatch and some of you answered! I got the chance to speak with Jackie Yancy, Executive Director of New Creation Home Ministries (NCHM) in Silicon Valley. She has been a paid subscriber with since March 2014 and loves the service. Check out for up to date grants and funding opportunities!

Grants Details

What Jackie loves about GrantWatch is the variety of grants. In addition, she loves the presentation. She attests that we include so many different areas of funding in our categories, that is easy to search for grants. The feature she appreciates most at GrantWatch is the grant details page. According to Jackie,

“The grant detail page tells you all the information on the 1st page. It gives enough information to decide if the grant is for you.”

If you’re considering a subscription with GrantWatch, you should know that we have a team of researchers sourcing the latest grants and writing up grant details pages.

NCHM Core Foundation

The NCHM focuses on the population of young girls aged 13 to 22 who are pregnant and without shelter. Their strategy is to re-educate them and provide transitional housing. They are not just a house for these young girls but a way to renew their minds and the way these girls live. Jackie said, “The core foundation of the Ministries’ is the success in the way the young girls live; to change their old behaviors into new behaviors.”

Target Community

The target community for the NCHM is young girls in low socioeconomic settings who have become homeless due to a recent pregnancy. They could have been rejected by their family or don’t understand how to become self-sufficient. They also come from situations in which they are living in the streets, in their car, on a friend’s couch or moving from home to home. NCHM targets the population that has lived in poverty for most of their lives.  

OneUnited Bank




When asked if NCHM compares itself to other organizations, Jackie answered that other organizations reach out to them. They have a residential program that is 2 years long. Before entering NCHM, expectant mothers are part of the Lighthouse program, a trauma-informed care case management program. Residents must have stayed in the Lighthouse for 1 year before consideration for NCHM. According to New Creation Home Ministries, a Lighthouse resident must attend the following:

  • Weekly case management meetings
  • Weekly parenting class
  • Mandatory house meetings
  • Full time school or job training classes
  • Daily job duties

NCHM also has outreach programs like a Weekly Parenting Class available for all mothers aged 13 to 24. This has been a successful program, catering to 25-50 people per session. This program helps mothers learn better skills to move out of the heart of Silicon Valley, a low socioeconomic area. Jackie told me, “At the meetings, the NCHM provides a meal followed by a workshop on parenting, finances, and life tools to better themselves or their children.”

The New Creation Home Ministries is a model organization.  The executive director understands that applying for grants is a continual process. Jackie Yancy said, “I know if you keep applying, you will begin receiving funding.”

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