The 4 Questions: Jet Blue Wins at Passover, Lands on GrantWatch

Thank you JetBlue for this take-off on the Four Questions – while we laughed, it made us take a step back and think, "Why is GrantWatch different from all other grant websites?" (What a fun way to evaluate your own business, as compared to your competitors!)

Why Is This Website Different From All Other Grant Websites?

1) On all the other grant websites, we can view a "Balagan" of grants from maybe one (or two) types of funding sources and a few categories.

On GrantWatch, we see well-organized and categorized grants from ALL types of funders (foundations, corporations, federal, state and local governments), in 50 categories and by all locations.

2) On all the other grant websites, we see only a "Kleyn Shtik" of the grants.

On GrantWatch, we can view "presentation quality" grant detail pages appropriate for a board meeting: They include eligibility, geographic focus, estimated size of grant, pre-application information, grant summary, funding source contacts and URLs for grant applications (RFPs).


3) On all the other grant websites, we see grants that have not even been checked one time, to be certified "Kosher."

On GrantWatch, we can trust that the grants have been checked multiple times for accuracy by a: grant researcher, grant associate, editor and the funding source.

4) On all the other grant websites, customer service is lacking, with only email assistance. 

On GrantWatch, we can recline (relax), because we know we're going to get a fast email , phone or chat response from a friendly and knowledgeable grant specialist.


Balagan – Mess

Kleyn Shtik – Little Piece

Certified Kosher – Legitimate


From our family to your, GrantWatch wishes you and yours a very Happy Passover.

About the Author: Libby Hikind, CEO, with Contributions by GrantWatch Support Staff: Lianne, Dominique, Tracy and Alex