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Apply for awards at! Awards are very different from grants because they are awarded for work that has already been performed.  Grants are awarded based on promises of work that is to be done. You will find many awards for educators, students, artists, writers, individuals, professionals and nonprofits. One such award is the Drucker Prize:

Award to a USA Nonprofit for Excellence in Innovation and Highly Effective Programming

Deadline: 07/01/2016


At the Drucker Institute, they are looking for organizations that best exemplify Peter Drucker’s definition of innovation:

“…change that creates a new dimension of performance.”

Laura Roach, Director of Philanthropy and Nonprofit Engagement at Drucker Institute asks that organizations take the time to think about how they fit Drucker’s definition of innovation.


In the award application, reviewers want to see results. They will look to what extent a program demonstrates a new dimension of performance. They will discriminate between the ways and tools you use to measure your results, too. However, Roach went on to say,

“It’s important to demonstrate results not in just percentages but with solid numbers and qualitative measurements, too.”

50 Semifinalists

Fifty semifinalists will be chosen and introduced to ideas in addition to innovation through

“… mini-courses will cover key aspects of innovation and nonprofit performance, all designed as a learning platform to share these powerful tools for effectiveness.”

The second phase of the application will include learning modules on Generative Board Governance, the Importance of Challenging Assumptions, Design Thinking for Social Innovation, Measuring Your Results, and Evidence-based Implementation of innovation.

Within these mini courses, the applicants will answer questions about how well their organization engages in these practices and how they might apply them.  At the end of this round, 10 finalists will be chosen and the content of the mini courses will be shared with the entire social sector.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

If you want to learn more about Peter Drucker’s advice for the nonprofit sector, new businesses, public service institutions, and other new ventures in today’s economy, check out Innovation and Entrepreneurship by Peter F. Drucker.  Especially relevant to the nonprofit sector would be Drucker’s books The Five Most Important Questions and Managing the Nonprofit Organization.

The Five Most Important Questions

Along with contributing writers, Peter Drucker asks every organization to question the following:

  • What is our Mission? 
  • Who is our Customer? 
  • What does the Customer Value? 
  • What are our Results? 
  • What is our Plan?

Managing the Nonprofit Organization

In this book, Drucker provides exemplary samples of a well-thought out mission, leadership skills, the ability to locate and utilize resources, outstanding marketing, reviewed goals, and more. He also interviews experts to identify and discuss key issues in the nonprofit sector. 

The competition is tough,  but Laura left me with this thought:

“While there can only be one winning organization, every applicant can walk away with personal and organizational tools for effectiveness. We want to make these powerful ideas widely available, and in the process you give your organization a chance at winning 100 thousand-dollars.”

Awards on

Grants have a reporting process by which specific restrictions are placed on how the money can be used.

Awards, on the other hand, have no reporting or restrictions. So, if you’re interested in awards, look no further than Check us out today!