Want to Hear Libby Speak?

Our very own CEO and founder, Libby Hikind, will be speaking at the 20th Anniversary for the the MCAP, Maryland Community Action Partnership Human Services Conference on May 4 from 3:15pm to 4:45pm at the Sheraton in Baltimore North. This is exciting news as Libby will be speaking about Identifying and Winning Grants to Fund Essential Services. 

Libby will implement the learning pyramid that Susan Gove, Conference Manager of MCAP, advocates. And according to Susan, most people learn best when doing 3 things in a row: 1) Learn new information, 2) Think/talk about what they have learned, and 3) Explain the new information to another person. Libby will ask her attendees to:

  • Learn how to search for grants, review eligibility and identify funding that will meet your target audience’s needs.
  • Think/Talk and get creative. Brainstorm to match programmatic needs with the funder’s resource allocation.
  • Explain/Map out your grant application with a budget. Synergize your grant writing efforts by designing a companion crowdfunding campaign.

Our CEO, Libby Hikind has asked that everyone bring their laptop to her presentation so that attendees learn, think/talk, and work collaboratively. In fact, she is currently creating a PowerPoint for this hands-on presentation. According to Libby Hikind,

"I will be providing access to GrantWatch.com and Uhelpfund during my presentation. We will work together to search, review eligibility, and start the process of completing a grant application.  We will also synergize your grant writing efforts with the creation of a companion crowdfunding campaign.  It is my hope that attendees will gain fundraising knowledge and skills to enhance the services of their nonprofit.

"This workshop will also show you how to easily get an article published to share what you've learned running your own nonprofit with other nonprofits around the world."

The MCAP conference is open to all. Most commonly, community action agencies attend. Susan says,

 “The conference benefits attendees by teaching them about better ways to provide services to people with low income.”

The MCAP is a nonprofit organization that advocates for low–income families in Maryland, the District of Columbia, and the state of Delaware. The work of the MCAP helps families gain self–sufficiency and independence. It ensures this population is heard at the local, state and national levels. The MCAP also supports the goals and exercises of community action agencies throughout Maryland.

Specifically, the MCAP provisions the board of directors and staffs of community action agencies with technical assistance and training. It also provides these services to other nonprofit organizations with similar missions who partner with community action agencies. The MCAP is comprised of 18 community action agencies. Sixteen of these agencies provide direct human services, while two are governmental agencies. To learn more about what a community action agency is, refer to the MCAP website and click About Us.

Susan explains that as a result of the conference, 

“We expect to see valiant workers that help the poor to better their lives. They work really hard. We are hoping they can work really smart as well.” 

Registration for the conference is open now, and there is no closing date. Libby Hikind is an experienced educator and grant writer, as well as the CEO and founder of grant-related website companies such as GrantWatch.com, MWBEzone.comGrantWriterTeam.com, UhelpfundGrantNews.com and GWI.education. Libby is currently accepting invitations to speak and support many more organizations that provide technical assistance to nonprofits. To invite Libby Hikind to speak, contact (561) 249-4129.