What Makes GrantWatch Different From Other Online Grant-Search Databases?

GrantWatch is more than a database. We are an online search engine that offers grant listings for the United States, Canada and international countries. Unlike a static database (which recycles grant information and grantors), our search engine is a dynamic source that grows every day as we update and add new grant information for your research. Our researchers are constantly on the lookout for unique grants and newly published funding opportunities.

We offer a variety of funders from which you can receive grant money. We list federal, state and local government grant programs as well as both private and public foundation and corporate funding. We also provide special search tools to help you organize your research: My Grant Views, a feature that keeps track of every grant you open for future reference, and My Grants Calendar, a personal tracking system of deadline, LOI and conference dates where you can schedule your own deliverable and completion dates and track the status of completed, submitted and awarded grants on your own calendar.

GrantWatch also provides excellent customer service. Our grant specialists can be reached through chat or phone (9am to 6pm EST, Monday through Friday) to assist with your searches. We send search requests to our research team to locate funding not found in the current listings.

Every grant listed in our database has been verified as a legitimate grant program, and we do not list grantors that only give to “pre-selected organizations” or “do not accept unsolicited requests.”

Need a grant writer? We also offer a service to connect you to highly professional grant writers with multiple skills including research, budgets, crowdfunding, data analysis and successful grant applications.

Independent grant research through individual grantor websites and texts can take even longer than writing your grant proposal. Save time and money. Use the search engine that gets results: GrantWatch.com

About the Author: Dominique Matalon is a staff writer for GrantWatch.com.