Why GrantWatch 2017?

I had a rare opportunity to sit in at the training session of the new Library IP License Sales Division of GrantWatch.com.  They were being trained to offer discounts to libraries, universities, school districts or large organizations that wanted IP access for large numbers of simultaneous users for their development staff and or patrons. The sales team asked Libby Hikind, Founder and CEO of GrantWatch.com,

What makes GrantWatch.com worthy of a subscription?

Why does GrantWatch.com surface to the top of the multitude of grant websites?  

Libby explained, "There are a variety of grant websites – some of them are scams, others have outdated or very few grants. GrantWatch.com brings it all together by posting verified grants by location and category for nonprofits, communities and small businesses from many funding sources. We have over 55+ categories. The website is updated daily and past due grants are archived (see Tour the Archives on the website.) 

GrantWatch.com was designed by grant writers to meet the unique needs of the nonprofit community. The website displays the most current local, state, federal government and foundation grants.

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Grant Associates at GrantWatch spend hours researching grants – so you do not have to. At GrantWatch, technical "grant-ese" and long winded applications are formatted into a grant detail page good enough to be pitched to an executive director or CEO, by development staff.  No rewrite is necessary for presentation. 

A staff of Researchers and Grant Associates read through the grants for nonprofits and present all the information needed for an executive director or grant writer to decide if they want to pursue the funding opportunity. Typically, the instructions for a government grant can exceed 30 pages and often-times nonprofits miss deadlines for questions, letters of intent and pre-application webinars.   

If you're not yet a subscriber and you want to view the level of detail incorporated in a grant posting, Libby invites you to review some archived grants. 

The individual organization subscription cost for the website is kept very low – with the business model, "serving the community and shared responsibility." The cost is $18 a week, $45 a month, $90 for 3 months, $150 for 6 months, or $199 for a year. If you want multiple individual subscriptions, call and request a quote. GrantWatch is also reaching out to partner with nonprofit membership organizations to offer their members a subscription at a reduced cost. 

Publishing and serving the public is not new to Libby Hikind.  Flashback to 1984, as a young public educator, Libby wanted to find a way to teach her special needs intermediate class word processing skills; way back when the Tandy computers (Radio Shack's IBM clones) at her school were only ready for BASIC programming and a $15,000 upgrade was needed.  The school district did not have the funds. Four grants in total, across the USA were awarded from Radio Shack.  With that application, Libby won her first grant which demonstrated how the Tandy Model 100 (one of the first tablets) could be used within the educational community.  From there, she wrote to Commodore and won $9,000 worth of Commodore 64s.  Libby' good business sense was recognized and she was asked to take on the role of Magnet School Teacher for Business Careers and Entrepreneurship with special needs children mainstreamed into her classes.

One day, she was surprised to find an anonymous note written on a job posting in her school mailbox suggesting she apply for job as school district grant writer.  

In two years at the DO, she brought in millions of dollars in educational funding.  Having found her niche but missing the joy of teaching, she requested a return to the classroom and opened her own grant writing consulting firm.  Besides grant and curriculum writing, her years of experience include running for City Council, FEMA Project Liberty Crisis Intervention Counseling, volunteer at Ground Zero and four children's picture books that await a much-needed publisher.

GrantWatch.com began as NYCGrantsWatch, a faxed newsletter. Halted in 2000 for a run for political office, the brainchild returned after Libby retired from public education. It returned as today's GrantWatch.com, the model grants subscription website.

"Surely, we have competition, but no one has our passion for bringing funding to the community," Libby explained.  Libby shares this passion with her daughter, Elana.  While young and in college, Elana worked part time in her mother's office. Now, years later – married with children, she manages the grant researchers, grant associates, editors and proofreaders that post the grants on the website. Libby manages customer relations, customer support, new development, communicates with funding sources, and is also the CEO and Founder of GrantWriterTeam.com, Uhelpfund, GrantNews.press and the soon to be GWI.education.  In addition, she is the CEO of MWBEzone.com.

Libby takes pride in the fact that her office provides great customer service through phone, chat and email. 

The infrastructure for foundations and government agencies to post their grants directly onto GrantWatch.com is in place.  

We have created a user-friendly application for funding sources.  Just click Post a Grant.

Once you locate a grant at GrantWatch.com, what's your next step? You can request or hire a grant writer from GrantWriterTeam to mentor you, to provide professional development to your staff, or to write the grant for you.

Libby also recommends that after applying for a grant you go to Uhelpfund and create your organization's crowdfunding project.  It is the natural progression to use the passion you showed in your grant to reach your personal crowd, community and the universe.

Whatever your grant searching needs, you will find it at GrantWatch.com.  And if you don't, you will find it next week, or the week after.  Libby appreciates when nonprofit and small business subscribers send Customer Support an email about their interest – so she can direct the researchers to include their needs. 

Grants come out every day, even as you sleep.  According to Libby,

"The best part of subscribing to GrantWatch.com is that we consistently research and post new grants."     

When asked what is your most memorable grant, Libby responded with a bright smile, "Child Health Plus!  I wrote that grant to bring Child Health Plus to Staten Island in 1999 and since then, my then client has independently resubmitted the application, on behalf of the community."  A few years back, Libby was told that since the initial grant application, more than 46,000 children and adults had received medical care.

Libby Hikind can be reached at Support@GrantWatch.com, GrantWatch.com or at 561 249-4129.  

About the Author: Sabeen interviewed GrantWatch.com CEO and Founder, Libby Hikind. To invite Libby to be on your TV or radio broadcast – or to speak at an event, contact SocialMedia@GrantWatch.com.