Strategic Planning for Public and Nonprofit Organizations

strategic planningStrategic Planning for Public and Nonprofit Organizations: A Guide to Strengthening and Sustaining Organizational Achievement by John M. Bryson is a valuable resource for leaders and professionals in nonprofit and public management.  This book offers sound advice for strategic planning and management.  It is a solid choice for clarifying the process of successful strategic planning.

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How To Get Funding For Media Equipment?

media equipmentDear Libby:

We need to install a screen, projector, microphones and support equipment in our church sanctuary. This will be used primarily by our youth and senior citizens programs. 

Where may we get a grant of up to $15,000 for this purpose?


Christian Church Subscriber

Wanamaker, IN

Dear Subscriber:

Thank you for contacting with your question.  I am sure that there are many institutions with similar needs who will gain from the following information. 

Though you require equipment for your Church, the focus for your grant search should not be for grants which specifically fund the installation of a screen, projector, microphones and support equipment. The best way for you to achieve your goal is to focus on grants that support the programs you wish to provide for, i.e. youth and/or senior citizens.

If your nonprofit status is under a religious institution, I recommend searching for grants given to faith based institutions.  This information will be included in the grant’s eligibility requirements.  Additionally, searching for intergenerational programs might also be helpful.

I recommend that you check the following grant categories at

Once you find the grants that might be appropriate for funding your equipment, you will need to create an attractive proposal which will help you secure the funding that you need.  The focus of your proposal should be that in order to run your youth and senior citizen programs successfully, you require the acquisition of specific equipment such as a screen, projector, etc.  Be sure to describe the equipment usage in your application objectives, goals and activities and include equipment costs in your excel budget and budget narrative.

If you do not have experience with writing a grant proposal, it might be worthwhile to retain the services of a professional to either assist with writing the entire proposal or review the proposal which has been created.  Professional grant writers are experts in determining the best way to present information so the application is accepted and the grant is awarded.  For further information, please visit

Another possibility for you to receive the equipment you need is to ask the Executive Director of your organization for assistance.  He/she should network and set-up private meetings with the CEO’s of your local stores or corporations.  A request can be made for these companies to donate surplus or open box equipment.  They may even be able to get a tax deduction for their donation to your church.

I hope that this information will be helpful to you. We wish you much success in not only acquiring your needed equipment but also in implementing quality programs to benefit all the members of your church. 

All the best to you and yours, 

Libby Hikind

CEO & Founder

Volunteers and Nonprofits Together Get Funds

firefighters-volunteeringNonprofits are encouraged to utilize volunteers during the Winter Holiday Season in order to make the most of available grant funding.

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla., Nov. 25, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — "People want to help others by doing good deeds during this holiday season of giving. Not everyone can donate funds but many can donate their most precious 'gift of time'.  That is the message that Libby Hikind, founder and president of, has for nonprofits and community organizations that will serve the needy during the upcoming holidays.

Libby is in touch with numerous grant seekers and funding sources. She notes that organizations that utilize both grant funding and volunteer resources benefit from a synergy that allows them to accomplish more than either grant funding or volunteerism could achieve alone.

Volunteers bring to the nonprofit great energy, valuable suggestions and connections to call upon in order to implement and supplement the organization's initiatives and programs.  In addition, volunteer assistance enables organizations to free up limited resources so that they can re-allocate their grant income towards the purchase of more food and necessities for the indigent than might otherwise have been possible.  Volunteers help non-profits search for and identify grant funding on and find skilled, professional grant writers through is the premier website for grant seekers, listing more than 12,000 USA and International federal, state, local and foundation grants and has become an essential tool for non-profits.  Grant proposals are reviewed by associates to provide nonprofits with a dependable list of potential funders.  By drastically reducing the time that organizations spend searching for funding, enables them to focus their energy and efforts on their long-term goals as well as on more effective management of their day-to-day operations.

Both subscribers and non-subscribers can see grant previews and deadline information on the site. Helps Nonprofits Find Critical Funding at

WEST PALM BEACH, FinalLogoNegativeFla., Oct. 10, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — The USA federal government’s “shutdown” highlights the problem of relying on a single grant source for critical funding. This is particularly true for non-profits whose primary funding source comes from federal grants (i.e., child care grants, social service grants, refugee programs, child welfare services, community services, nutrition programs, Title I funds, university grants) where closing down means putting many lives and/or years of hard work in jeopardy. Libby Hikind, CEO of and, recommends that non-profits relying heavily on government funds begin to diversify their grants income by locating alternate funding sources. is the number one website for USA and International federal, state, local, and foundation grants. Hikind emphasizes that a large percentage of the more than 12,000 grants listed on are from non-governmental sources – which will help support these organizations during this time when government grants are threatened.

GrantWatch home page“Thankfully, the money is out there,” Hikind says, “and most non-profit organizations can continue to maintain their programs through the philanthropic largesse of a plethora of sources. Millions of dollars are specifically set aside by foundations and corporations every year to help combat diseases, provide health and human services, address environmental issues, and provide funding for cutting-edge research and technology.”

She strongly urges non-profits to diversify their grant portfolios and not depend on government funding alone. With a large variety of both government and non-government grants, can help organizations locate multiple funding sources.

Non-profits and others that have located suitable grants, can go to to find experienced grant writers ready to help them apply for the monies they need and deserve. is an innovative online program that provides organizations with a team of professional grant writers at their disposal and grant writers with a ready-made market.’s services are especially important now when competition for available funding is tough and finding the best grant writer to respond to the request for proposal is critical.

Foundations and corporations that have grants to offer non-profits can easily reach nonprofits by entering their funding opportunities on through a dedicated portal. Hikind and her creative team have made it simple for funding sources to publicize their organizations to non-profits and others looking for grant money.

Enter a new grant formLibby Hikind says: “No organization should have to close its doors and no one should have to do without the services they need because of a government shutdown. and can help your organization diversify its income to maintain smooth and continuous operations.” – THE BLOG

blogWelcome to's New Blog!  

This blog is the place to discuss new and exciting grants that are posted daily on as well as helpful information for you to get the grants you need to succeed! 

For those of you who are not familiar with, here's a brief description of our website. is the only website to post federal, state, city, local and foundation grants in one place.  Grants are categorized by type and constantly updated.  All our grants are current.  Expired grants are archived.  New grants are posted daily. Organizations can sign up for free to receive a weekly email of new grants posted.  If they link to through Twitter they will receive instant updates of new grants as well.

Grant writers at spend hours researching grants for this website.  They read through grants and publish all the information needed for an executive director to determine if their organization is eligible for the funding opportunity. Typically, the instructions for a government grant can exceed 30 pages and often-times nonprofits miss submission deadlines and/or deadlines for submitting question and answers, letters of intent and pre-application webinars.  All posts on include the important grant information, applications, deadlines and contact person information.

No other grant website is as comprehensive as in providing the full details of  both government and foundation grants for a low subscription price.  We are proud to say that no other grant website updates as often as

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