We are Thanking Veterans with a 10% Rebate Check and Personal Recognition!

memorial dayVeterans are near and dear to our hearts. We appreciate and are grateful for our safety and security within our borders.

For Memorial Day, we are excited to sponsor a special rebate program.  From May 21 through May 31, 2015, all veteran related nonprofits, veteran owned small businesses, and/or an individual veteran that subscribes to GrantWatch.com for either a six (6) month or (1) one year membership will receive a 10% rebate check!

GrantWatch.com posts new grant opportunities for veterans, their families and related associations to the Veterans’ category. Subscribers stay up-to-date with the newest funding sources throughout the USA. 

If you are not a veteran, during this opportune time, consider – gifting a veteran friend or veteran organization with this special offer.

In addition, our founder and CEO, Libby Hikind looks forward to personally saying, “Thank you for serving!” 

Send your details to special@grantwatch.com, and you will receive both your rebate check and personal contact with Libby.  Best wishes for a meaningful Memorial Day.  GrantWatch.com salutes you!

Instructions for Receiving Your 10% Rebate Check and “Thank You” from Libby

1.      Subscribe to GrantWatch.com for either six (6) months or (1) one year by clicking: https://www.grantwatch.com/plans.php

2.      Send to special@grantwatch.com

a.      Your GrantWatch.com user name (email address on the account).

b.      The full name and address where to send the rebate check and thank you note.

c.       Proof of your veteran or current serving status (veteran nonprofits or small business should send a link to their website and/or mission statement).

d.      The first and last name that appears on the credit card used to purchase the  subscription.

Thank you for joining GrantWatch.com!  We are honored to help you!