We are Thanking Veterans with a 10% Rebate Check and Personal Recognition!

memorial dayVeterans are near and dear to our hearts. We appreciate and are grateful for our safety and security within our borders.

For Memorial Day, we are excited to sponsor a special rebate program.  From May 21 through May 31, 2015, all veteran related nonprofits, veteran owned small businesses, and/or an individual veteran that subscribes to GrantWatch.com for either a six (6) month or (1) one year membership will receive a 10% rebate check!

GrantWatch.com posts new grant opportunities for veterans, their families and related associations to the Veterans’ category. Subscribers stay up-to-date with the newest funding sources throughout the USA. 

If you are not a veteran, during this opportune time, consider – gifting a veteran friend or veteran organization with this special offer.

In addition, our founder and CEO, Libby Hikind looks forward to personally saying, “Thank you for serving!” 

Send your details to special@grantwatch.com, and you will receive both your rebate check and personal contact with Libby.  Best wishes for a meaningful Memorial Day.  GrantWatch.com salutes you!

Instructions for Receiving Your 10% Rebate Check and “Thank You” from Libby

1.      Subscribe to GrantWatch.com for either six (6) months or (1) one year by clicking: https://www.grantwatch.com/plans.php

2.      Send to special@grantwatch.com

a.      Your GrantWatch.com user name (email address on the account).

b.      The full name and address where to send the rebate check and thank you note.

c.       Proof of your veteran or current serving status (veteran nonprofits or small business should send a link to their website and/or mission statement).

d.      The first and last name that appears on the credit card used to purchase the  subscription.

Thank you for joining GrantWatch.com!  We are honored to help you!

Helping Veterans Come Home to a Home

soldier bootsFor many, it’s easy to take for granted a roof over the head, a comfortable and safe place to lie down at night and heat in the winter.  But, for the nearly 400,000 United States veterans who are estimated to find that they are homeless in the course of a year, this “American Dream” is illusive.  

In 2014, The US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) spent $1.4 billion on efforts to help house homeless vets.  This resulted in a 33% decline of homeless veterans, proving that investing in this problem makes a big difference to thousands of war heroes.  

This knowledge has been recognized by many organizations.  GrantWatch.com has a large selection of funding opportunities to help nonprofits and government agencies improve the standard of living for veterans with new opportunities posted daily.  We would like to highlight one of the special companies who keep veteran needs at the forefront of their charitable work.  

Most Americans have shopped at or are at least aware of the wide range of building materials and helpful information offered at The Home Depot.  Since their opening in 1979, The Home Depot’s goal is to be a one-stop shop for all the do-it-yourselfer’s home improvement projects. Their associates undergo rigorous product knowledge and training.  They also offer workshops to customers on “how to do” home improvements themselves.

A natural outgrowth of The Home Depot’s mission to “improve homes and improve lives” led to the creation of The Home Depot Foundation.  Established in 2002, The Home Depot Foundation partners with local nonprofits offering grants and the labors of the associate-led volunteer force called Team Depot. The Foundation focuses its philanthropic efforts on improving the homes and lives of U.S. military veterans and their families.

“The Home Depot Foundation is placing a special emphasis on U.S. military veterans who are facing growing financial and physical hardships at home as they return to civilian life. In 2011, the Foundation made a three-year, $30 million pledge to veterans' housing initiatives, which was completed more than a year ahead of schedule.

In September 2012, the Foundation announced an additional $50 million commitment to veterans' nonprofits. As of December 2014, The Home Depot Foundation has invested more than $82 million to provide safe housing to veterans and, along with the help of Team Depot volunteers, has transformed more than 15,000 homes for veterans.” 

With millions of dollars available to nonprofits who specifically address veterans’ housing needs, The Home Depot is providing an outstanding opportunity to those who focus on repairing, remodeling, and maintaining affordable housing for deserving veterans and their families.  For further details about eligibility, award amounts and contact information, please visit: GrantWatch.com.

GrantWatch Focuses on Veteran Grants

thank you veteransLibby Hikind, CEO and Founder of GrantWatch.com, remembers celebrating Veterans’ Day as a child, acknowledging her indebtedness to our country’s veterans:

“As a young girl, I remember honoring the brave by decorating my bike with red, white and blue streamers, weaving them in and out through the spokes and handle bars. I proudly rode in our small town parade with family activities culminating at the American Legion Hall.

I am eternally grateful to the men and women who have served our country. I treasure my freedom and I want to say, 'Thank you for the priceless gift.' Veterans, I salute you!”

She has asked her researchers and staff to join in her salute by expanding their search and posting additional grants available for nonprofits serving veterans. 

Grant funders who have the resources to assist the many veteran-serving organizations are encouraged to publicize their grants on the GrantWatch.com website through the Enter A New Grant portal.

Ms. Hikind has also built a website to lend further support to organizations that have located grants and need assistance in responding to the application (request for proposal). Organizations can Request A Grant Writer and utilize GrantWriterTeam.com’s services.

GrantWriterTeam is the new innovative online program that Hikind developed to provide organizations with professional grant writers and to provide grant writers with ready-made grant writing opportunities. Grant seekers can go to GrantWriterTeam.com and request an experienced grant writer to help them apply for the monies they need and deserve.