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Grants to Minnesota Local Agencies for Athletic and Recreational Facilities


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USA: Minnesota: Hennepin County

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Hennepin Youth Sports Program (HYSP) - Equipment and Facilities Grants

Minnesota Amateur Sports Commission - Hennepin County Board of Commissioners

Agency: Foundation

GrantWatch ID #140280

Grant Description

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Grants to Minnesota municipalities, school districts, and park districts for athletic and recreational equipment and facilities benefiting youth in eligible locations. Funds may be used to create and enhance local playgrounds and other facilities as well as to purchase sports equipment. The purpose of the program is to increase opportunities for youth participation, playability, and improved training. Funds must serve Hennepin County.

Facility Grants:

Hennepin County is seeking local government units interested in developing facilities for youth sports and recreation. The purpose of the facility grants is to allow municipalities, park districts and school districts to create, expand or improve athletic and recreational facilities to enhance opportunities for youth participation.

For Facility examples, see

Hennepin County will favor proposals that create, enhance and support partnerships among public entities as well as those between public entities and private non-profit organizations. Operating agreements that provide opportunities that do not currently exist in the community, bring new users to the facility, or expand capacity or hours will be preferred. 

Equipment Grants:

The grants allow local government units and youth sports associations to apply for grants to purchase capital equipment relating to youth athletics or recreation. The purpose of the equipment grants will be to improve playability, provide enhanced training, and promote stronger relationships between local government units and youth sports associations.

For examples, see

Playground Grants:

The purpose of the playground grants is build playground structures throughout Hennepin County. New installations are favored over replacement or renovation. Partnerships between local government units can include playgrounds co-located on school and park facilities or other operating arrangements.

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Additional Eligibility Criteria:

The Hennepin Youth Sports Program (HYSP) makes awards to local government units. Grants are provided to municipalities, park districts, and schools.

Facility grants:
- No awards may be used for programming, operations or maintenance of any facility.
- Award recipients are prohibited from converting any portion of the project to non-public or non-recreational uses or transferring ownership of the property without the approval of Hennepin County.
- Recipients may contract operations and maintenance to a non-public entity, but ownership and operational responsibility must remain with the local government unit.
- Charter schools and youth sports associations must enlist a local government unit to submit the application for a facility not located on the property of a municipality, park district or school district.
- If the facility site is privately owned, the owner must agree to a covenant with the local government unit to ensure long-term public access to the facility.

Equipment grants:
- A youth sports association or other private non-profit organization must have a local government unit, such as a city, park district or school district, submit the application. The local government unit pledges to act as a fiscal agent for the grant and agrees to ensure the grant is used for its intended purpose. The equipment purchased may be owned by either the local government unit or the youth sports association. Youth sports associations should be in good standing within their communities and have a tradition of providing quality sports programming.
- Athletic Departments, Community Education, and other subsidiaries of school districts are not partners for the purposes of this program.
- All equipment must be for association or team use – items worn or used by just one person are not allowed. No request for balls, uniforms, gloves, helmets, sticks or bats will receive awards. In addition, sound systems are not eligible for awards.

Pre-Application Information:

Application deadlines:
- Equipment grant: November 1, 2022
- Facilities grant: November 1, 2022
- Playground grant: spring 2023, applications coming soon

Funding cycles:
- Equipment grant awards are distributed twice per year, once in March and once in December.
- Facilities grant awards are distributed once per year in December.
- Playground grant awards are distributed once per year in March.

Applicants are encouraged to inform their County Commissioner’s office of their application.

All applications must include a resolution from a local government unit.

Facility grants:
Applications are scored on a sliding scale according to the ratio of the amount of matching funds to the total project cost. A higher percentage of matching funds receive more points. Projects without matching funds (monetary or in-kind) will not be considered.

Equipment grants:
Applications are scored on a sliding scale according to the ratio of the amount of matching funds to the total project cost. A higher percentage of matching funds receive more points. Projects without matching funds (monetary or in-kind) will not be considered.

Playground grants:
Applicants are required to provide matching funds of monetary and/or in-kind contributions.

All awards are for reimbursement to be paid after completion of the facility or purchase of the equipment.

Additional Funding Information:

Estimated Size of Grant:

Equipment grants:
- Equipment awards will be up to $10,000.
- Up to $125,000 in total will be granted both in the fall and the spring grant cycles.

Facility grant awards will range from $10,000 to $300,000.

Playground awards can be valued up to $50,000.

Term of Contract:

Facility grant projects are required to be completed by June 30, 2024.

Contact Information:

Send or deliver the completed application to:
Minnesota Amateur Sports Commission
1750 105th Ave NE
Blaine, MN 55449
Ph: 763.785.5631

In addition, send an electronic copy of the application to Karah Lodge, Program Director, at:

Applicants who have questions regarding this application may contact Karah Lodge at the above email.

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