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Grants to Alberta Municipalities, First Nations, and Metis Settlements for Infrastructure Projects that Protect Public Safety

Alberta Community Resilience Program (ACRP)

Government of Alberta

Agency: State

GrantWatch ID #162084

Grant Description

Grants to Alberta municipalities, First Nations, Metis Settlements, improvement districts, and special areas for projects that protect critical infrastructure, promote long-term community viability, and mitigate safety hazards. Funding is intended to develop long-term resilience to flood and drought events.

The delivery of this program is guided by the following three principles: Respecting the Rivers; Community-driven Solutions; and Collaboration.

Eligible projects under the Alberta Community Resilience Program include, but are not limited to the following:
- Structural measures such as berms, dykes, flood walls, bank protection and stabilization works, retention ponds, and diversion structures to protect critical infrastructure and ensure public safety;
- Purchase of property where mitigation is inappropriate, or not economically or technically feasible;
- Purchase of property for the purposes of access and/or construction of a project;
- Flood proofing/relocation of critical infrastructure (water, wastewater, stormwater works, and infrastructure to access those services). For example, access roads and transportation corridors;
- Bio-retention infrastructure designed to increase flood attenuation and reduce the impacts of drought. For example, incorporating new stormwater management facilities, low impact development, and/or projects that incorporate wetland features.

The Alberta Community Resilience Program will support projects that have clear and demonstrable benefits to a community’s level of resilience. The program will focus on mitigation efforts that promote one or more of the following outcomes:
- Mitigation to Protect Critical Facilities: Projects that help ensure critical services are resilient and access and egress routes are maintained.
- Ecosystem and Waterway Restoration: Projects that ensure obstructive work is not built in the floodway, and that berms/dykes are built with appropriate setbacks and buffers. Projects that use materials and techniques which provide additional benefit to the aquatic environment, like bioengineering, low impact development, green infrastructure and/or other non-structural options.
- Sustainable Stormwater Management: Projects that preserve or restore the landscapes natural ability to attenuate and store flood/storm flows.
- Acquisition and Relocation: Projects that remove chronically at-risk or repetitive loss infrastructure from hazard areas, including property buy-outs, or relocation of critical infrastructure.

Eligible Project Costs:
Project costs that are eligible under the program include, but are not limited to:
- Consultation and engineering fees;
- Contingency costs (up to 20% of project cost);
- Project construction and materials; and
- Costs associated with acquisition of provincial or federal regulatory authorizations

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  • Others (see text field entitled "Additional Eligibility Criteria" for clarification)

Additional Eligibility Criteria:

Eligible applicants:
- Rural and urban municipalities
- First Nations, Metis Settlements
- Improvement Districts, and Special Areas
- Private entities (individuals, associations or businesses) are not eligible

By submitting an application under ACRP, the applicant is agreeing to take on all project liability. Any works funded under this Program must be owned and operated/maintained by the applicant. The applicant must also own or obtain legal consent to access the lands upon which the project is constructed.

The following organizations are not eligible to apply for funding under the ACRP:
- Non-profit groups
- Private entities including individuals, associations, and businesses
- Regional commissions

Ineligible Project Costs:
Project costs that are ineligible under the program include, but are not limited to:
- Cost share requirements for other grants;
- Fisheries offset compensation owed under the federal Fisheries Act for the approved project;
- Municipal/community staff time, or other municipal/community-owned assets
- Landscaping/beautification that is not a functional part of the flood mitigation project (examples include benches, pathways, and other aesthetic enhancements);
- Legal or other fees associated with regulatory appeals or other legal proceedings.

Ineligible Projects may be found at:

Pre-Application Information:

Applications for funding must be submitted to on or before 12:00 midnight MST on September 30, annually.

Grant applications are reviewed annually by a Grant Review Committee, following the September 30th application deadline. Decisions on successful grant applications are made by the Minister of Alberta Environment and Parks. Successful grant recipients will receive notification from the Minister. All applicants will receive a letter outlining the status of application from the Program Director.

The Alberta Community Resilience Program has a cost share component in order to promote shared accountability between the province and its communities.

Partnering with other eligible applicants who share common objectives is strongly encouraged. Applications with multiple partners must be championed by a single applicant, with other partners clearly identified. Third-party agreements for cost-sharing, access or other project requirements are the responsibility of the applicant and their partners.

Additional Funding Information:

Estimated Size of Grant:

For approved projects, Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP) provides 90% of eligible engineering and construction costs up to $3 million and 70% of costs in excess of $3 million.

Term of Contract:

The Alberta Community Resilience Program is a multi-year provincial grant program.

Contact Information:

Submit applications to

If you require further information or clarification on the Alberta Community Resilience Program, please contact the Program Coordinator in your area:

Ms. Alison Roberts, Program Coordinator
Peace Region, Upper and Lower Athabasca Regions,
and Red Deer-North Saskatchewan Region
780 641-8887

Ms. Micaela Gerling, Program Coordinator
South Saskatchewan Region
403 297-3304

Mr. Andy Lamb, Program Director
Alberta Community Resilience Program
403 396-2343

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