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Grants of up to $20,000 to Northern and Central British Columbia nonprofit organizations, regional districts, municipalities, and First Nations bands for marketing initiatives to improve regional economies. Applicants must contact program staff prior to applying.

Features and benefits of the program:

-Provides grant funding to support marketing initiatives that directly increase revenue generation within the local or regional economies of central and northern British Columbia.
-Unique funding program for implementing actions identified in a strategic or economic plan for direct revenue-generating projects.
-Comprehensive marketing initiative funding for projects that have supporting marketing plans developed.
-Time sensitive approval process for complete and well-documented applications.

Objectives: To market assets and products within the region in order to increase local revenues generated from outside the region.

Required project and funding application features:

-The project is aligned with the requirements and mandate of the funding program
-The marketing project directly increases revenues within the region
-The funding request is incremental to government (local, provincial, federal) mandate and funding
-The funding request is supported by local government through a resolution. Applicants are responsible for securing a resolution outlining support for the Northern Development funding request from a municipality or regional district. The applicant must provide a copy of the resolution of support to Northern Development before a funding decision can be made
-The funding request is supported by the regional advisory committee through a resolution. Completed applications are forwarded by Northern Development to the appropriate regional advisory committee that recommends project decisions to the board of directors
-A detailed quote(s) outlining the proposed scope of work must be provided as an attachment(s) to the funding application

Eligible costs include consulting and/or contractor fees directly related to:

-Marketing content development
-Web design and development
-Brochure design
-Filming and film production
-Brand development (only in association with a more comprehensive marketing initiative)
-Design and production of trade show exhibits (excluding display hardware)
-Printing costs and the pressing of CDs and DVDs (only in association with a more comprehensive marketing initiative)
-Translation of marketing material

Northern Development provides grant funding under this program up to a maximum of $20,000 or 28.57% of an eligible project budget.

Who Can Apply:

-First Nations
-Municipalities / Regional Districts
-Not For Profits

Ineligible Costs:

-Costs related to hosting, traveling to, or attending meetings, conferences, workshops, trade shows, or industry events
-Hospitality costs including meals or alcohol, lodging, clothing and uniforms, and all give-aways
-Any costs associated with trade missions
-Regular website maintenance and website hosting
-Postage(including for direct mail campaigns), phone, office space rental, photocopying, in-house printing
-Purchases of equipment or tools
-Project cost over-runs
-In-kind (volunteer) labour and/or monetized donations (donated materials, equipment, or services from third parties). These are encouraged, but cannot be considered as a cash equivalent contribution under this program
-GST and PST
-Costs incurred prior to signing the agreement with Northern Development

Funding applications are continuously accepted to this program on a quarterly intake cycle.

Applicants must provide confirmation of all other sources of project funding prior to Northern Development entering into a funding agreement. Applications that have confirmed other funding at the time of review by the board of directors are preferred. In the case of other unconfirmed funding sources at the time of application to Northern Development, applicants are required to provide the date a decision is expected for each unconfirmed funding source

Application Process:

1. Applicant contacts Northern Development to discuss the proposed project scope and potential alignment with the funding program. See Northern Development’s staff webpage for the key contact in your region

2. The applicant completes a funding application and submits the application to Northern Development

3. Once Northern Development confirms alignment between the application and the funding program, the applicant submits the complete application to a municipality or regional district with a request for a resolution of support

4. The municipality or regional district determines whether it will provide a resolution of support for the funding request from the appropriate account. The resolution of support must clearly state the amount of the funds requested, that the request is for a grant, and the appropriate regional development account from which the funds will be provided

5. A copy of the resolution of support from the municipality or regional district is obtained by the applicant and forwarded to Northern Development

6. Northern Development staff conduct due diligence of the application and forward the funding request to the appropriate regional advisory committee for recommendation. The regional advisory committee determines whether to support the funding request

7. Once a recommendation supporting the funding application is provided by the regional advisory committee, Northern Development staff finalize due diligence, incorporate the regional advisory committee’s recommendations, and present the funding request to the board of directors at their next scheduled meeting

8. Following the board meeting, Northern Development staff will notify the applicant of the board’s funding decision by phone. A formal letter is mailed to the applicant

9. A funding agreement (enabling Northern Development to disburse funding for the project) will be provided to the applicant for signature once the applicant has provided documentation confirming of all other funding sources in writing to Northern Development.

10. Annual reporting for two years on key deliverables specific to the funding program is a requirement of applicants with approved funding agreements.

More information about funding programs and deadlines may be found here:

Important Dates:

If your community experienced job losses as a result of the pine beetle epidemic, you may be eligible for additional funding through the following program:

Before starting your grant application, please review the funding source's website listed below for updates/changes/addendums/conferences/LOIs.

For program inquiries contact:

Northern Development Initiative Trust
301-1268 Fifth Avenue
Prince George B.C. V2L 3L2


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