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Tennessee Agricultural Enhancement Program (TAEP) - Livestock, Grain and Hay Producers

Cost Share Program for Tennessee Livestock and
Feed Producers for Equipment, Facilities, and Storage

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Tennessee Department of Agriculture (TDA)

Deadline Date:

10/16/17 Postmarked or Received


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A cost share program is available to Tennessee livestock producers for assistance to enhance farm operations. This program will defray the cost of livestock equipment, facilities, feed storage, hay storage, and grain storage. Participation in this program allows qualifying farmers to maximize farm profits, improve operation safety, adapt to changing market situations, increase farm efficiency, and make a positive economic impact in their communities.

Livestock Equipment:

1. Pasture sprayers
-Minimum tank capacity of 100 gallons
-Minimum pump output of 20 gallons per minute - PTO, shaft, or hydraulic drive
-Roller or centrifugal pump
2. Pasture sprayer GPS
3. Mobile calf catcher pen
-ATV or UTV attachment
-Scales and/or hitch optional
4. Clover seeders

5. Covered mineral feeders
-Stand alone and ground only
-Insecticide and/or oil applicator combinations not eligible
6. Feed bins – (concrete pad)
7. Unload auger for feed bin – maximum 29 ft. length
8. Automatic cube pellet feeders/cake feeder
9. Bunk feeders (concrete to level)
-Concrete formed and/or steel
-Poly bunks not eligible
10. Creep feeder and/or creep pen for existing creep feeder
11. Hay feeder – hay ring, cone insert or combo
12. Slant bar hay feeding wagon
13. Hay unroller and/or windrow bale feeder

14. Head gate
-Neck extenders and/or brisket bar may be purchased for existing equipment
15. Squeeze chute (concrete to level)
16. Palpation cage
17. Carriage
18. Hoof trimming table or chute
19. Curved or o set working chute – includes breeding box
20. Animal scale/indicator (concrete to level )
21. Concrete (optional)
22. EID, portable and/or panel readers
23. Ultrasound and accessories
24. Alleyway
25. Rolling block doors
26. Crowding tub – includes Bud Box
27. Maternity pen kit – maximum size per pen 15’x15’
28. Portable corral panels for livestock management use only
-Includes gate-in-frame, creep panel and/or calf pass through panel
29. Tubular gates – for livestock management use only
30. Add-on alley sheets
31. Alley frames and/or alley back stops
32. Headlock stanchions and/or palpation rails
33. Loading chute
34. Holding pen – maximum size: 30,000 sq. ft.
35. Fly sprayer

The items below are ONLY eligible if used to construct the following working system components: alleyway, crowding tub, working chute, loading chute and/or holding pen. These items MUST be completely installed at time of reimbursement.

36. Guard rail
37. Lumber – boards and/or post (concrete to set – see item 21)
38. Metal post – includes I-beams, piping and or T-post
39. Wire stockade or bull panels (1 to 6 gauge)

Dairy Only Items:
1. Commercial water heater – must be capable of maintaining a water temperature of 165 degrees
2. Water sterilization equipment
3. Plate exchanger for heating water or cooling milk
4. Milk vacuum pump
5. Milker pulsation equipment
6. Vacuum system regulators
7. Vacuum gauges
8. Milk pipeline system – includes but not limited to automatic washer/sanitizing unit, clean in-place unit, washers, milker claws (units), vertical wash vat, milk meters and monitoring systems
9. Milking equipment service contract – must be no longer than a 12 month period
10. Antibiotic and mastitis testing for on farm use – cow-side tests including test kits, subclinical mastitis detectors, and incubator or heater block
11. Milk quality lab analyses

Goats/Sheep Only Items:
1. Kidding/lambing pen, maximum size per pen, 144 sq. ft. (12x12)
2. Fitting stand/hoof trimming table
3. Tilt/roll table (concrete to level – see item 21)
4. Sheep shears – minimum 3 inch wide head; minimum 2000 RPM

Livestock Working Facility Cover:

Eligible Items
1. New structures and additions to existing structures
a. Structures must be a minimum size of 480 square feet – 2nd level not eligible; 16 ft. width minimum b. Minimum eave height – 10 ft. high clearance
c. Minimum of two openings for livestock access/movement
d. Use of structure is for covering securely installed livestock working equipment only
-Working equipment must be arranged in a functional layout at the time of reimbursement
-Minimum setup of equipment under cover includes squeeze chute, alley, and crowding system area -Livestock equipment is not eligible for reimbursement
2. Roof – metal, shingles or polymer coated fabric (e.g., Cover-All, Clear Span, Super Structure, etc.)
3. Sides/walls (optional) – metal or wood
4. Labor – labor provided by applicant is not eligible

Hay Storage:

1. New structures and additions to existing structures
a. New structures must be a minimum of 900 sq. ft. – loft or 2nd level not considered in total sq. ft. of structure b. Minimum eave height – 14 ft. high clearance for new structures and additions
c. Use of structure must be for hay storage only
d. At least one side/end must be completely open
2. Roof – metal, shingles or a polymer coated fabric (e.g., Cover–All, Clear Span, Super Structure, etc.)
3. Sides/walls (optional) – at least one side/end must be completely open
4. Labor – labor provided by applicant is not eligible

Livestock Feed Storage:

1. Mixer wagons and grinder/mixers – equipment directly used to mix and/or grind hay, grain and other supplements for feed
2. Hay wrappers – machinery used for the wrapping of hay for use as haylage
3. Commodity sheds – new structures and additions to existing structures used for storage of bulk raw commodities, including whole grains and co-products used in a mixing process to produce feed
4. Silage baggers – machinery used for the bagging or debagging of silage
5. Silos – ground and upright for storage of silage – must have concrete floors and walls
6. No-till pasture drills – minimum 6 ft. working width
7. Self-unloading feed wagons
8. Unloading forage feeder wagons
9. Manure spreaders
10. Labor for the construction of infrastructure
-Reimbursement for labor cannot exceed 30% of total reimbursement
-Labor provided by the applicant is not eligible

Dairy Only Items:
11. Stationary milk tanks
12. Generators for dairy barn
13. Manure/lagoon pumps
14. Manure/lagoon agitators

Swine Only Items:
15. Generators for swine barn
16. Feed bin – minimum capacity of 4 tons

Grain Storage:

1. Grain bins – minimum capacity of 10,000 bushels
-Smaller capacity bins can be combined to reach 10,000 bushel minimum
2. Overhead loadout bins – minimum capacity of 24 tons
3. Bin unload augers
4. Conveyors
5. Drying and aeration components
6. Portable bagging system
7. Grain vacuum
8. Transport auger
9. Concrete foundation/pad
10. Labor for the construction of bins
-Reimbursement for labor cannot exceed 30% of total reimbursement
-Labor provided by the applicant is not eligible

Master Producer Programs:
The University of Tennessee offers several educational programs for the livestock industry. These programs are designed to provide opportunities to gain knowledge with hands-on experience in current management practices that are important to profitability and sustainability of the industry. TAEP approved applicants that have a qualifying master producer certificate at the time of reimbursement will qualify for 50% cost share.

GrantWatch ID#:

GrantWatch ID#: 182218

Estimated Size of Grant:

Maximum Reimbursements:
-Livestock Equipment: $2,000
-Genetics: $2,000
-Livestock Working Facility Cover: $2,500
-Hay Storage: $5,000
-Livestock Feed Storage: $7,000
-Grain Storage: $10,000

*Final maximums will be determined based upon overall demand for cost share funding.

Term of Contract:

Program purchases can be made starting October 1, 2017 and must be completed by program reimbursement deadline.

The reimbursement deadline for Livestock Equipment is April 1, 2018. All other TAEP programs have a reimbursement deadline of September 1, 2018.

Additional Eligibility Criteria:

To be eligible for TAEP cost share, applicant must:

1. Be a citizen of the United States of America or lawfully present in the United States.

2. Be a Tennessee resident operating a farm located in Tennessee.

3. Be at least 18 years old during the application period.

4. Meet minimum livestock/acreage requirements for chosen program(s).

Head of livestock = maximum number of single type, regardless of sex or age, at one time during the last 12 months.

5. Have filed a Federal IRS Schedule F (Form 1040), Profit or Loss from Farming, within the last two years (2015 or 2016).

Applicant will not be required to submit a copy of their Schedule F at the time of application. However, applicant may be asked to submit a copy of their Schedule F prior to TAEP approval to verify their farming operation. If your operation does not file a Schedule F, please contact TAEP about alternate documentation to verify farming status.

6. Have appropriate certification based on type of livestock producer.

Cattle (beef and dairy) must have current Beef Quality Assurance Certification (BQA) at time of application.
-BQA certifications must be renewed every three years and be CURRENT at time of application.
-BQA is a two-hour educational course on cattle management and care sponsored by the Tennessee Cattlemen’s Association (TCA).
-Online BQA courses are eligible.

Swine must have current Pork Quality Assurance Plus Certification (PQA) at time of application.
-PQA Plus is a two-hour educational course on swine management and care sponsored by the Tennessee Pork Producers Association (TPPA). PQA certifications must be renewed every three years and be current at time of application.

Dairy (cattle, goats and sheep) must be permitted by TDA to be eligible as a dairy at time of application.
-Contact TDA Consumer and Industry Services, Food and Dairy Division for permit information.

Important – Certifications and permits, as specified by program, must be completed by the applicant. No substitutions allowed. This applies to: BQA, PQA, dairy permit and master producer certifications.

Master Producer Certifications & TAEP Eligibility:
-Certificate must be current to be eligible for TAEP 50% reimbursement. Recertification is required if course was completed prior to 2014. Please contact your local UT Extension Agent if you are unsure the year your master certificate was issued.
-Current certificate must be in the name of the applicant approved for TAEP cost share. No substitutions allowed. Copy of current certificate must be submitted with reimbursement request.

1. Receipts dated prior to October 1, 2017 are not eligible.
2. Receipts for in-kind services are not eligible (trade-in value is not eligible).
3. Used equipment, used materials and leased equipment are not eligible for cost share reimbursement unless otherwise noted.
4. Labor provided by applicant is not eligible for cost share reimbursement. Labor of any type is not eligible under the Livestock Equipment program.
5. Applicant cannot be reimbursed for purchases from a business where applicant participates in ownership (producer cooperatives excluded).
6. Applicants cannot combine projects and submit more than one reimbursement for the same item.
7. Reimbursement documentation must be postmarked or hand delivered by the deadline. Additional processing time is required for incomplete reimbursement requests and requests submitted within one month of the program deadline. It is recommended that you submit your reimbursement request as soon as your project is completed.
8. There can only be one reimbursement payment per program approval. Projects must be completed by reimbursement deadline.
9. Falsifying applications, invoices or other documents submitted to TDA may make producer and farm ineligible to participate in present and/or future TDA programs, and may result in civil litigation or criminal prosecution.

Pre-Application Information:

The Standard cost share requirement is 35%. The Master cost share requirement is 50%.

Applications must be postmarked or received between October 1 and October 16, 2017.


Contact Information:

Before starting your grant application, please review the funding source's website listed below for updates/changes/addendums/conferences/LOIs.

Applications may be submitted through TAEP Online:

Tennessee Department of Agriculture
Holeman Building
424 Hogan Road
Nashville, TN 37220


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USA: Tennessee