Celebrating Juneteenth and Freedom

In honor of Juneteenth, GrantWatch would like to highlight the importance of equality and the history of the day by sharing 10 grants to help African Americans and promote justice.


Juneteenth, also known as Freedom Day, is a significant day of celebration on June 19th in the United States. This commemorative day holds immense historical importance, as it marks the emancipation of enslaved African Americans in the country. Juneteenth provides us with an opportunity to reflect on the struggles endured, the progress made, and the ongoing fight for equality. It is a time to honor our shared history, celebrate the triumph of freedom, and acknowledge the contributions of African Americans to the fabric of our nation.

The Early Days of the Holiday

Texas became the first state to make the holiday official in 1980. However all over the United States, people have been celebrating the holiday for more than a hundred years. One of the earliest recorded commemorations took place in 1872 when a group of African-American ministers and businessmen in Houston purchased 10 acres of land to establish Emancipation Park. This group intended to use the park for the city’s first-ever Juneteenth celebration.

Modern Observances

While celebrations of Juneteenth often take place in individual communities or as barbecues and parties in homes and backyards, many cities hold larger celebrations as well. Cities like Houston and Galveston hold city-wide events with music, food, and games and feature Black artists and musicians.

Grants to Help Celebrate Juneteenth

  1. There are Grants available for USA investigators associated with IHEs for new projects to increase the diversity of online resources. Funding for these projects ranges from $10,000 to $25,000 over a 12 to 18-month period.
  2. There are also grants of up to grants to USA minority-serving IHEs to advance stem research and education. The goal is for more underrepresented groups have access to fields like STEM, where there is a major workforce.
  3. An opportunity for USA and Canada Women-led and Black-led startups to participate in an accelerator program. Invest opportunity here is around $100,000 and also includes 12 months of mentorship.
  4. And there are also grants available to USA nonprofits, agencies, IHE’s, and for-profits for research projects conducted by diverse researchers.
  5. And there are also grants available to USA MSIs, HBCUs, TCCUs, and nonprofits to expand and enhance the education workforce.
  6. Additionally, there are grants available to USA, Canada, and International Black medtech startup founders to participate in an accelerator program.
  7. Grants are also available to USA nonprofits, for-profit, IHE, or Tribe for research related to the homeownership gap.
  8. There are grants available to USA nonprofits to benefit diverse communities and reduce discrimination.
  9. And there are also grants available to USA Nonprofits to advance diversity in the fields of entrepreneurship and investments. Funding will support programs that benefit women and minority and under-represented communities
  10. Finally, an opportunity for USA technologists and students to participate in a social justice-related business development program. Eligible applicants have technical skills in the fields of engineering, emerging technologies, design, and computer science.

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