Champions Girls Program Launches YouHelp Fundraiser

A program designed specifically for at-risk teenage girls, Champions Girls Program fosters an environment of love and understanding in a therapeutic framework at its Champions Girls Camp. The program helps  girls build positive relationships and uses recreational experiences in a structured environment as a path to personal change.

Champions Girls Program recently launched a fundraising campaign on YouHelp seeking $50,000 as its goal to support its programs.

“We aim to build relationships with the girls and for them to forge relationships with their peers and with themselves,” founder Miri Rosenfeld said. “The impact that peers and friends have on one another is paramount. To that end, we structure our program to capitalize on the benefit that friends can have. We teach the girls how to positively impact each other.”

It’s clear the need is there. A 2019 US Center for Disease Control survey show that while some adolescent behaviors are improving, others are not. In all, US CDC estimates 1 in 5 adolescents are at risk through engaging in a range of risky behaviors.

Champions Girls Camp focuses on peer relationship building as Rosenfeld notes it’s difficult for these at-risk girls to create meaningful relationships. Overall, the program teaches the girls accountability, in actions and behaviors, along with positive and respectful ways of  talking and relating to each other.

“At Champions, we speak to the girls about choices, help them to take ownership and accountability for their choices, thereby empowering them to make better choices,” Rosenfeld said.

One approach is to limit their use of cell phones, so for the first week of the program, use is first limited to one hour a day. Also, cell phone etiquette is taught, like not scrolling when someone is speaking to you.

Rosenfeld chose YouHelp for her fundraising campaign for one simple reason: she had successfully launched and run a campaign on YouHelp before.

“I am happy to say that YouHelp has been a breeze from start to finish,” Rosenfeld said. “From the moment I made my account all I had to do was follow the prompts that the website gave me and the campaign was live!”

And co-founder and licensed clinical social worker Dr. Batsheva Berger agrees: “This is my second time using YouHelp for a campaign and I am very pleased with the platform and would definitely recommend it as a top rate crowdfunding site.”

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