Eight Grants to Improve Nutrition and Food Security

No matter what issue society is facing at the moment, food security and nutrition seem to return to the forefront. Whether it’s low-income students in schools eligible for free or reduced-price breakfast and lunch, a family suffering from unemployment, or famine affecting countries or even a continent, improving nutrition and food security is a neverending task.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture estimates that more than 38 million people in the nation are food insecure, including 12 million children.  Food banks, soup kitchens, and other food donation organizations have been stepping up to help with this issue in any way they can. However, there is still a lot of work necessary to fill the gaps in this area.

To help, GrantWatch has put together a list of the top eight nutrition grants for nonprofits and organizations.

Eight Grants that Promote Nutrition and Food Security

  1. Firstly, there are grants to nonprofits and individuals for projects to promote a plant-based diet and lifestyle. Eligible activities encourage the public to adopt a vegan diet and outlook.
  2. There are also grants to nonprofits for programs related to food and nutrition. Focus areas include food access, education, cooking skills, healthy and active lifestyles, and select urban agricultural programs.
  3. Opportunities are available for nonprofits and faith-based organizations to get donated food and other items to distribute within the community.
  4. Grants are also open to North Carolina nonprofits and agencies to improve the provision of free, healthy school meals.
  5. Funding is available to nonprofits for programs to encourage nutritious eating and reduce food insecurity. The goal of the program is to improve access to healthier food and build people’s confidence to select, prepare, and serve healthier food.
  6. There is also funding for IHEs, research institutions, agencies, nonprofits, and individuals to enhance children’s nutritional health and promote agricultural education.
  7. Grants are open to researchers with academic organizations, nonprofits, IHEs, and public entities, for research on food, nutrition, and diet.
  8. Finally, grants of up to $10,000 are available to nonprofits in multiple states to promote healthy eating and nutrition for children.

GrantNews Notes

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