Why a Coach Is Essential for a Fundraising Campaign

It’s not enough to have a great idea to help a community, organization or people in need. Without the funding to turn an idea first into a plan and then into action, the idea will die a sad and lonely death. Grants are the traditional pathway to funding projects, especially for nonprofits. Another avenue to funding is starting your own fundraising campaign.

A fundraising campaign, known as crowdfunding, is a direct avenue to transforming an idea into a successful project. It’s also one that can create excitement before a project is complete. And when people are excited about a campaign, they usually do more than just donate — they share the news of their contribution with family, friends and on social media, building a “buzz” around your fundraising campaign.

As the COVID-19 pandemic has certainly created the need for fundraising, at the same time it removed a standard way organizations raise money — through live events. So, many people and organizations have turned for help to YouHelp for their fundraising campaigns.

“YouHelp creates excitement within your community and provides a place for people to pay it forward,” YouHelp and GrantWatch CEO Libby Hikind said.

YouHelp coaches help plan your strategy, teach you how to use email marketing, social media, and YouTube, write press releases, and more for a complete fundraising campaign using crowdfunding as a way to secure the much-needed funds.

“What I’m finding right now is that there are three different types of campaigns,” said YouHelp coach Yitzchock Friedman. He said while some “tearjerker” campaigns move on their own, many nonprofits have transitioned online during the pandemic and need a coach to help with online funding. A third type are new, start-up nonprofits that need help just getting their nonprofit started.

Samuel Cabassa fell into the third type and turned to YouHelp. He chose Friedman as his coach and has been very happy with his choice.

Cabassa, an ex-convict who had turned his life around after spending 34 years incarcerated in the New York State prison system, knew the homeless population well in Bronx, New York. He also knew that many basic necessities, like a shower, toilet facilities, clean clothes and a haircut, are hard to come by for the homeless population. But that very lack of hygiene strikes at the heart of human dignity — and makes it difficult for them to seek medical help.

As an emergency hospital worker, Cabassa sees many people from the homeless population. He realized that all too many unhoused persons don’t come in for medical help because of how they look and feel.

Cabassa contributed $13,000 of his own money to jumpstart his project: Mobile Community Shower & Wellness Services. He is campaigning for funds on behalf of his nonprofit to raise $59,530 to complete payment of the unit and for delivery to the Bronx. An additional $40,000 is needed to purchase a used (like new) F350 truck to hitch the mobile hygiene unit to so that it can be rotated to various sites.

Cabassa subscribed to YouHelp to help launch his fundraising campaign and is thrilled with what he found:

“Yitz Friedman, of YouHelp.com, helped me every single step of the way, coaching me on how to set up my campaign, including helping me understand and showing me how to create my dashboard, and the importance of posting meaningful material and pics on social media,” Cabassa said. “Yitz has been a blessing in my life. He’s even helping me learn how to navigate my computer.”

YouHelp is here to help you kickstart your fundraising campaign. The coaches are experienced. They work with organizations and individuals at starting and managing fundraising campaigns. Subscriptions to YouHelp start at $1 per day and subscribers are very pleased with the results an expert crowdfunding coach brings to a fundraising campaign.

“I am learning a lot about fundraising, everything is making a lot of sense,” said the organizer behind Khairi and Little Angel Memorial.

“I had the most wonderful and helpful experience in arranging a YouHelp fundraiser page,” said another fundraising campaign coach client. “The YouHelp crowdfunding coach was the most valuable person to work with. He was available at any time to assist with many questions and concerns I had. He was also genuinely supportive in the fundraiser and the well-being of those affected. Thank you, YouHelp!”

If you have any questions, visit YouHelp.com or call the customer service team at (888) 240-1494.

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