Grants Help Make Secondary Education ‘Second’ to None

From the name alone, ‘secondary’ education may not sound as important as ‘primary’ education. But, in fact, we all know just how crucial a high school education is to a person’s future. Not only do many jobs require a high school diploma or equivalent, but having this education can also significantly increase one’s earning potential. High school is a major part of a child’s life. This transition from middle to high school oftentimes means more responsibility and independence, giving students a chance to figure out which path they want to take in college and grow their own confidence as an individual.

Due to the importance of high school, GrantWatch has made sure that secondary education even has its own grant category in the site’s database. Today, GrantWatch is sharing 10 of these grants for secondary education in the list below. Using GrantWatch, you can also find a list of foundations that have funded secondary education programs and resources in the past.

The Latest Grants for Secondary Education

  1. Grants are available to public and private high schools and tech centers to provide scholarships to high school students and teams for robotics competitions. 
  2. There are also grants open to institutions of higher education for programs serving underserved and low-income high school students. Funding is for summer humanities programs to take place on college campuses.
  3. In addition, there are grants of $500 available to qualifying high school educators to provide enhanced opportunities for student organizations.
  4. Funding of $500 is available to high school educators for materials and supplies to aid in classroom instruction. 
  5. Awards are offered to high school teachers and administrators for outstanding contributions to the field of education. 
  6. Opportunities exist for high school students to participate in a competition for innovative products or business development ideas. Winners will receive up to $1,500 in funds to start or expand a business or to develop a product.
  7. Grants of up to $1,000 are also available to psychology teachers in secondary schools for career development and networking. 
  8. There are also grants open to 6-12th grade teachers at schools to enhance science, technology, engineering, and math learning.
  9. In-kind grants are available to schools, school districts, parents, and guardians to provide K-12 students with internet access and software. Recipients will receive free mobile hotspots and internet connections and will be able to purchase laptops and tablets at cost. 
  10. Lastly, grants of $750 are available to K-12 teachers, community college faculty members, and community college students to support participation in the earth science disciplines.

GrantNews Notes

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