Heartbeat of Healthcare: Recognizing the Vital Role of Nurses

Nurses are the heartbeat of any successful medical institution. When someone presses the call button in the hospital, who comes in to help? Nurses. When it’s time for medication, who administers it? Nurses. And in the middle of the night, long after visiting hours have ended, who’s going to give you reassurances about the next step in your treatment and care? You guessed it. Nurses. These are just some of the reasons why we should take this opportunity to recognize the vital role that nurses play in our healthcare system.

GrantWatch is making every effort to identify grants that – either directly or indirectly – assist in strengthening our healthcare system. There are grants listed below that help address various healthcare needs, both of individual nurses as well as the community at large to improve and expand the healthcare system to better address these concerns. In addition, GrantWatch offers a list of over 2,200 grants in its Health and Medical grants listing category. Some grants go beyond any one individual community, with both national and international grant listings available.

Consider a Career in Nursing

A nursing career is a noble career choice. It takes a special kind of individual to perform this kind of work. However, the benefits are spectacular when you consider the number of lives you touch in a positive way. It can be very rewarding and may sometimes seem more like a calling than an occupation.

It is the hands-on care aspect that sets nurses apart. They are leaders, innovators, educators, change-makers, problem solvers, patient advocates, policymakers, and so much more. Nurses are the backbone of healthcare. With innovative mindsets, invaluable insights, and hands-on experience, they are uniquely positioned to advance equitable access and transform healthcare.

Why Become a Nurse?

Below is a list of Health and Medical grants currently available.

Health and Medical Grants and Opportunities

  1. A grant to a registered nurse for a research project related to nursing-education/clinical-care. Eligible projects must be ready to be implemented upon receipt of funding. The purpose of the program is to research the ongoing practice of nurse-led simulations to improve the quality of care in clinical and academic settings.
  2. There are grants of up to $50,000 to organizations for educational projects related to cellular and genetic therapies. Moreover, funding supports medical education initiatives that will broaden the understanding of gene and gene-modified cell therapies. The goal is to then utilize this broader understanding in the treatment of rare diseases.
  3. In addition, grants to eligible nonprofits for programs to benefit medically-underserved populations. A Letter of Intent (LOI) must be submitted prior to a full grant application. Funding areas of interest include mental health, technical assistance, violence prevention, maternal health, and dental health. All grants must support home or community-based healthcare and health services. Priority consideration will be for programs in which care is provided by nurses.
  4. Grants of up to $60,000 to nurse practitioners, medical fellows and residents, post-doctoral fellows, professors, and research associates for research related to skin conditions. Funding will support research in areas of special interest related to the advancement of overall research priorities for eczema.
  5. There is opportunity for community-based organizations, managed care organizations, and school-to- work transition sites to participate in a health-education training program to promote health among individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Certification upon completion of a 3-hour webinar and activities Program Plan, also including Lesson 1 in Google Classroom (3 additional hours). Six (6) CEUs/CPEUs will be provided to multiple professions within healthcare, including Advance Practice Nurses (APNs), RNs, and Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs).

Additional Health and Medical Grants, and In-kind Support

  1. Also, grants and in-kind support to nursing and medical educators to support career development and innovative educational approaches. Funding is to promote the careers of promising doctoral-prepared faculty members in medicine and nursing. The program goal is to promote early-career faculty who are committed to careers in health professional education. The goal is also to promote innovators and those who have shown promise as future leaders.
  2. $60,000 annual grant funding to researchers for studies related to kidney disease and organ donation. Eligible applicants include a wide range of healthcare professionals. Funding is for organ donation and nephrology-related research. Areas of healthcare research will include clinical and healthcare services, as well as social, cultural, environmental, and population research.
  3. There are grants to eligible nonprofits to benefit local residents. Funding is for activities and programs within a range of focus areas, including health, human services, and community development. Foundation grants for health-related services will be through local health and medical programs.
  4. In addition, grants to eligible organizations to benefit local communities. Funding is for projects in multiple focus areas, including: Healthy Mind and Body – Helping each person in the community feel mentally and physically healthy, with access to tools and resources to reach their highest potential. A second focus will be Connected Community – Affecting change in the community by advocating for the underserved, instilling pride, and building relationships to create a sense of belonging. An example that would fit this funding category would be groups supporting people with health conditions or impairments.
  5. Lastly, grants to eligible nonprofits for initiatives to improve the quality-of-life for residents. Funding is for projects in a range of focus areas, including health and wellness and the environment. Community grants for health and wellness will focus on improving the health of the region’s citizens.

The Bottom Line

To conclude, we hope you now have a greater appreciation for the of the significant impact of nurses within our overall healthcare system!

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