How Do We Empower Women To Fight Back?

1 in 4 women experience severe domestic partner physical violence. It is imperative to teach women the skills to defend themselves should the need arise. Heather Knight is an Atlanta police officer who teaches self-defense classes for women who are survivors of domestic violence.

Officer Knight often responds to domestic violence calls while on duty. As a police officer, there’s not a lot she can do other than make sure the victim is safe. She is not allowed to recommend services, because that would be considered an endorsement by a police officer. But the idea that 1 in 4 women experience severe domestic partner physical violence just did not sit right with officer Knight. She decided to start her own nonprofit organization “Surviving to Thriving Inc Atlanta” where women can seek self-defense and lifestyle classes.

They offer courses for survivors of domestic violence such as:

  • Self Defense
  • Job Interview Skills
  • Resume Building
  • Budgeting
  • Counseling Services

Surviving to Thriving is dedicated to helping women leave domestic violence situations for good.

They are currently partnered with a state agency that charges them $25 per piece of equipment every time they use it.

Current equipment needs:

  • Nun chucks
  • Boxing Bags
  • Boxing Pear
  • Boxing Gloves
  • Mats

Self Defense classes can make a huge difference for domestic violence survivors, not just with their skills, but also their self confidence. Experiencing violence of any sort can have a lasting impact on the lives of many people. Officer Knight hopes to help these women get back on their feet and out of their bad situations.